Dyspnea on Exertion

10/12/2010 16:32

Despite compensatory mechanisms, the heart may be unable to maintain an adequate cardiac output. Decreased blood flow to the kidneys continues to stimulate sodium and water reabsorption, leading to hypervolemia, increased workload on the heart, and congestion in the pulmonary and systemic circulations. Since these hemodynamic changes occur at different times, the signs and symptoms can vary.

Anthracosis and silicosis are major industrial problems in developing but industrialized nations since a large number of workers are engaged in mining in many states of such countries. Prolonged exposure to cola dust causes anthracosis among miners. These particles give a black color to the lesions.

Investigation into a possible exposure to asbestos in the patient's past is pertinent. Symptoms of asbestosis usually appear after a latency period of 20 or so years. Dyspnea upon exertion is the most common and prominent symptom exhibited by patients. Patients may also report a non-productive cough, wheezing, and nonspecific chest pain. Fatigue and weight loss are also common complaints. As the disease progresses, the dyspnea worsens as well.


Hypertension is often asymptomatic or cause only proceeds uncharacteristic complaints. It is typically occurring in the morning as a headache, which can be reduced by increasing the bed head end. Other possible symptoms include dizziness, nausea, nosebleeds (epistaxis), fatigue and insomnia. At high blood pressure, shortness of breath can occur (dyspnea) with exertion, angina pectoris, and visual disturbances. Arterial hypertension may also long asymptomatic (without symptoms).

In men or in postmenopausal ladies with iron deficiency, GI bleeding is usually the trigger. Blood reduction in this case may be because of to relatively benign problems, this kind of as peptic ulcer, arteriovenous malformations, or angiodysplasia (little vascular abnormalities along the intestinal walls). More severe causes are inflammatory bowel disease or malignancy.

Many times angina is the worst during moments of exertion. This is because the demand for oxygenated blood increases when heart rate increases. If the coronary arty is narrowed then it will have difficulty supplying the blood as fast as the heart needs it. The result is angina or in some cases dyspnea equivalent angina. The only way to relieve the angina is through resting to bring the heart rate back to normal and lower the demands for oxygenated blood.

Dyspnea is breathing perceived by a affected individual as both uncomfortable or anxiety-provoking and disproportionate towards the degree of activity. The affected individual at first notices dyspnea only with exertion but may progress to experience dyspnea at rest. In severe cases, pulmonary edema may be accompanied by edema fluid in the sputum and can trigger acute respiratory failure.

If the patient coughs and expels sputum for about three months in a year for two consecutive years, the patient might be suffering from chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is also characterized by excessive production of mucus, cough, and dysnea, or difficulties in breathing while exerting oneself physically.

The earliest sign is frequently a chest radiograph showing an improve in the caliber of the upper lobe vessels ("pulmonary vascular redistribution") and fluid accumulating within the perivascular and peribronchial spaces ("cuffing"). It may also show Kerley B lines, which represent fluid within the interlobular septa.

Leg cramps during exercise might be caused by dehydration. It is important to drink a lot of fluid during exercise. Leg cramps occur when the muscle suddenly and forcefully contracts. The most common muscles to contract in this manner are muscles that cross two joints. Leg cramps during walking might be an indication of heart disease caused by arteries in your leg being clogged up by cholesterol in result of not enough oxygen being delivered to the cells in your leg.

Actual true forms of asthma are often characterized by hyper-activity in the airways and are accompanied by a reversible bronchoconstriction, as compared to chronic bronchitis, where the symptoms are characterized by excessive mucus and inflammation of the airway.

This sometimes takes place when the heart muscle is feeble due to illness or stress. There are numerous first coronary artery sicknesses but congestive heart failure, sometimes a secondary illness, has the least wealthy diagnosis. Myocardial infarction, harsh anemia, and renal collapse customarily follows a myocardial infarction. Different effects on the body can be seen when the heart is not able to work correctly as all sides of the heart has a different function.

The lungs are in the inflated position occupying the whole of the pleural cavity. Since the elastic tissue is damaged, the lungs lose their elasticity and they fail to collapse when the chest is opened during autopsy. The diaphragm is depressed and respiratory excursions are diminished. The alveoli are over-distended. The septa rupture and neighboring alveoli coalese to form air cysts.

Before a full-blown asthma attack, there are usually early signs and symptoms you should be able to easily recognize. Irritation of the nose and throat, thirst, and the increased need to urinate are all common symptoms that may occur before an asthma attack. Each person has his or her own peculiar pattern of early symptoms, and most often, these symptoms progress to a severe respiratory distress episode if not properly treated.

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Camellia Oil Benefits

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Camellia oil is also known as tea oil or tea seed oil. This natural oil is pressed from the seeds of the Camellia oleifera, Camellia sinesis or the Camellia japonica. This very pale, amber-green, oil is edible with a slight sweet herbal aroma.

Sometimes, the most effective savior of health is the one that is least heard of. Tea tree oil is definitely a universal remedy. In fact, it is a gift of nature that possesses a lot of important therapeutic properties and useful elements in healing a variety of medical conditions. More importantly, it is safe for human usage.

Green tea essential oil is most beneficial in the cosmetics industry as it is a main ingredient in creating soaps, hair conditioners, creams, shampoos, lotions, massage oils and perfumes because of its anti-aging, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an ideal therapeutic oil to add in a warm bath, tea light oil burner or diffuser, potpourri and candles during aromatherapy.

a wonder oil, beneficial to the scalp, soothes irritations and minor scalp disorders, is able to penetrate the hair shaftand is also antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral.  Please note, coconut oil does not contain high levels of protein and yet many people who have used it believe this to be the case.

This is a quick reference guide for essential oils base carrier for aromatherapy home recipes because essential oils are very concentrated they need to be diluted for some uses, and the best way to do this is by using base carrier oil. In addition to helping dilute the essential oil a good quality base carrier also helps the essential oils uses to penetrate the skin especially with massage use.

This, simply in the way the leaves are processed. After they are plucked the drying time is shorter. The leaves are not allowed to oxidize like when processing a black or oolong tea. Due to this shorten process the leaves retain more of the health benefits.

There are many reasons why people develop fungus. Treating the symptoms is not going to get rid of the underlying condition. For example a patient with diabetes will have to visit a specialist so that they get advice on lifestyle changes. It is not really suitable for them to simply treat the fungus and ignore the diabetes. The same principle applies to people who have HIV related infections.

In the practice of aromatherapy, essential oils are combined with various oils expressed from plant parts before they are placed on the skin. These are known as carrier oils and they contain either no scent or a very light aroma that blends nicely with the other ingredients. Different varieties of these substances yield different benefits to the body.

The tea tree shampoo can help to cleanse hair and scalp , it soothes a itchy dry scalp and control dandruff. It is an good antifungal agent due to effective in vitro against multiple dermatophytes. It is due to ability of shampoo containing 5% tea tree to treat Malassezia furfur, the common cause for these symptoms.

Tea tree oil comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia - native to Australia. The leaves and twigs are harvested, chopped up and placed in a steam distillation still. The distilling process saturates the leaves and twigs with steam, cooking the mixture for about two hours reaching a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. It's then rapidly cooled in a condenser causing the essences to undergo slight chemical changes and condensation, resulting in an oil and water mix.

It would appear that the benefits of drinking green tea, and taking it in pill form goes beyond what ails us externally. Apparently, it has benefits assimilate within, and go beyond, all the way to the surface benefits. It protects against skin damage from the sun, from blackheads and acne, is used as a topical face mask, helps stop aging of the skin, and produces a balance of oils, all by drinking the tea, swallowing the pill.

Aside from the taste, there are some tea benefits for your health as well. Of course this tea is loaded with antioxidants. The compounds theaflavins and thearubigens give it it's dark color and flavor but researchers also think they mop up abnormal cells purging them from the body before they have a chance to mutate in to cancer.

A lot of anti-aging products contain botanical oils. What this means is that the skin products key ingredients are made from plants and herbal extracts, oils, fragrances and vitamins. Understanding what the individual botanical oils are meant to do for our skin is key to choosing the best natural skin care products for our age and skin type.

A healthy skin care regiment starts with routine cleaning. Having good cleansing habits are the foundation to maintaining good, vibrant and healthy skin. Daily cleansing protects the skin from environmental pollutants. Cleaning enhances how your skin looks, its texture and elasticity. However, if you are cleaning you skin with non-organic products you could be wasting your time washing you face. These products are made with harsh chemical that can leave a residue behind, and are known to clog your pores. These products can ultimately harm your skin.

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Red Dots on Skin

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A Red dots cure should be selected with care. Amongst the assortments of skin, the receptive type is for the most part prone towards unfavorable effects. It is as well responsive to burning, annoyance, inflammation and cracking. If you are suffering from sensitive skin mess, check no matter what the skin product you plan to utilize by pertaining a tiny part into your internal arms.

Hemangioma is a birth defect that effect many babies in infancy. The symptoms of this defect normally appear during the first couple of days or even week of life and in some cases it can be resolved by the time they reach the age of ten. Hemangioma is when there is an abnormal build up of the person's blood vessels located either in the skin or the internal organs.

Blotches and dark spots that cannot be easily removed or do not go away on their own after some time could be age spots. These are tiny brown, black or red dots that appear in large numbers on the surface of the skin commonly exposed to the sun such as the face, arms, legs, chest and neck area.

For too long, the concept of "men skin care products" has been placed on the back burner. For most men, other things just seem to crowd out the idea of "skin care". The idea of natural skin care for men seems almost sissy. Au contraire mon frere! A face-full of healthy skin is a commodity you can't afford to waste.

Fortunately, however, there are many ways to get rid of acne fast and while not all of these techniques will work on you, they are easy to try on your skin to see how effective they can be. Once you've collected those rituals that work best on you, then you will have mastered the art of eliminating the acne problem without going through the usual route of annoyance and frustration just to get to that point.

Foodstuffs such as greasy French fries and chocolate for example have been blamed for causing these pimples in the first place. Not so though, they do not contribute in the first place. Rather what happens is that anyone eating these foodstuffs regularly do not generally have a balanced diet. So what happens is that the body's ability to fight infection is reduced and this means that the infection, or pimples have a better chance of surviving.

The next would be to find an effective moisturizing and lightening cream that can target the dark spots and even it out with the rest of your skin tone. Go for natural ingredients as they are less likely to irritate your skin or make you even more photosensitive to the sun.

Scabies is due to an infestation with the human variety of the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. The female of the species burrows within the stratum corneum, depositing eggs that over a 3-week period mature into adult mites. The adult mite is just at the threshold of visibility and can sometimes be recognized as a tiny red or brown-red dot at the end of an intact burrow.

It is recommended that a moist seasilk sponge be used to attain a smooth even coverage. Dampen sponge, apply to compact and then blend even in upward and outward motions. If you prefer a heavier coverage - a dry sponge is recommended. Your skin type is the deciding factor.

Caramel skin should capture colors of the earth. Orange, peach and green are great colors that show off the depth of caramel skin. Mixing and matching the bikini colors is also a great idea for you. Having caramel skin also allows you to flaunt deep rich red colors if mixed in nicely with a few accessories like hats or scarves.

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by bumps on the face, redness, visible broken blood vessels, and pimples. There are approximately 14 million Americans that suffer from Rosacea, and some of those people don't even realize what it is. So let us take a look at the problem and move to finding a way to get you back to beautiful skin.

Just as there is a red high heel for every woman, you can find it in a great woman's shoe style, too.For instance, red platform shoes with white polka dots and peep toes in canvas are adorable.  Excellent for a casual sporty look and a tasteful career wear choice.

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Kwashiorkor and Serious Protein Deficiency

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Proteins are one of the most vital substances required by the body to function properly. They constitute 75% of the body mass and are present in each and every part of the body right from hair, bones, skin, muscles and all other parts of the body. Proteins are the carriers of oxygen in the blood and energy source for all the chemical reactions in the body.

Symptoms can range from mild to severe and can depend on a number of additional factors. Severe protein deficiency can alter both, the form and the function of every organ in the body. How bad it becomes and how seriously its effects are felt can depend on prior nutritional status, nature of the disorder and the speed of its progression. There is no definitive criteria for determining the level of the deficiency.

Protein deficiencies are caused by one of two things: unhealthy eating habits and malnutrition. The majority of cases of protein deficiency are caused by not eating enough, or the right, protein-rich foods. But, there are some cases of patients who suffer from conditions known as congenital protein C or S deficiencies, which can cause unusual clotting of the blood.

These are called essential because the body absolutely has to have them, but can not produce them on its own. There are eight essential amino acids, and a lack of even one of these can cause a number of health issues, because without it, the other proteins in the body are not able to create it. The eight essential amino acids are lysine, leucine, valine, isoleucine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and tryptophan.

The necessity of adequate nutrients has risen as our children seem to lack concentration nowadays. You may notice their poor performance and obtuse respond in school activities. Many child health problems are rooted in their basic diet which is normally full of junk and canned food. Since we give up for taste and overlook the nutritional value of a food, we tend to set examples for our kids who imitate our eating habits.

Food is one of the basic needs of people, but for the less fortunate ones they cannot afford even buying their own food, thus they suffered from starvation. According to statistics, over 500 million people in the Asia, Africa, and Latin America are living in absolute poverty; at the same time they are the ones who are hungry and begging for help.

The essential nutrients that the body requires are vitamins, dietary minerals, essential fatty acids, and essential amino acids. In addition water and oxygen are required to sustain life and cannot be created adequately within the body, however most often than not they are not included in the list of essential nutrients. Essential nutrients are substances that enrich the body by building and repairing tissues, providing energy and heat and regulating metabolism.

Dietary fiber consists mainly of cellulose that is indigestible because we do not have enzymes to digest it. Dietary sources of protein include meats, eggs, grains, legumes, and dairy products such as milk and cheese. Dietary minerals are the chemical elements required by living organisms, other than the four elements carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen which are present in common organic molecules.

There are three types of fats: saturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. Saturated fats are the ones that are solid at room temperature including lard and butter as well as hydrogenated vegetable oil like the kind typically included in processed foods. Polyunsaturated fats are the vegetable oils like corn, safflower and sunflower oils.

Overnutrition is mainly the problem of adults and few adolescents especially the urban dwellers. It is a rapidly escalating public nutrition problem, principally reflecting shift in dietary patterns and more sedimentary lifestyles. The situation in Nigeria where economy favor a particular group than others, the poor gets poorer while the rich gets richer had brought about a higher percentage of overnutrition- Nigerian big man disease.

Maintaining good health is vital in our bodies. Without proper hygiene, we can develop various diseases in our bodies which can result to debts, poverty or even death. For instance, a child taking excessive carbohydrates will finally lead to kwashiorkor. If immediate action is not taken, the child could suffer from other diseases and end up creating more bills due to the high cost of treatment.

Protein is the most essential nutrient in the body that is commonly misunderstood. Every body part including our skin, muscles, hair, blood organs, eyes, fingernails and bones contain protein. It is used to build, maintain and repair body tissues. Excessive protein is converted into energy for immediate use. This conversion requires the body to strip the amino acids of their nitrogen atoms, creating nitrogen waste.

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How to Remove Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are a fact of life for many people, both women and men. Women tend to be more plagued by the appearance of these lines primarily due to pregnancies. They develop over time due to the over stretching of skin. Once the elasticity of the skin has reached its limit the under layers of skin become damaged. Many people are wondering how to remove stretch marks, and I am here to tell you that there is hope.

Laser surgeries for stretch marks. This procedure is done by a surgeon and lasts for six sessions to help improve the appearance of those annoying lines. After the treatment is over, patients report that their stretch marks are still fading, which is good if you are thinking about this procedure to get rid of stretch marks. Laser surgery is done with a beam of light which permeates through the skin, to stimulate new cells to produce new tissues.

Stretch marks are cosmetically unpleasing to all eyes. They really do get in the way of people's self-confidence. And even in some cases, they prevent people from socializing. They aren't harmful physically, but they are emotionally and psychologically. However, there are solutions to stretch marks. If you want to know how to remove stretch marks, simply use 3 famous beauty secrets.

Skin needs to be hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Skin that is well hydrated remains supple and soft and is less likely to form stretch marks. Liquids that tend to dehydrate the skin are tea, soda and caffeinated coffee. To promote healthy skin, eat foods that are high in Vitamins A, C and D, zinc and protein.

How to remove stretch marks is a question that millions of women around the world are pondering about. These marks could be caused by various reasons. Pregnancy, obesity and diet are some of the major reasons due to which they can be formed. Regardless of the reason, you can still get rid of these ugly marks, if you were to follow some simple tips.

Laser surgery is becoming increasingly popular for cosmetic surgery. If you have new stretch marks: the reddish, purple ones, pulsed dye laser treatment may be the answer for you. However, once the scars have matured into the white colored scars, lasers won't work... until recently.

Being able to increase the growth of collagen is considered one of the best ways to cover up existing stretch marks. The fact that collagen growth stimulation is totally safe, is relaxing, as micro-dermabrasion can be dangerous to your skin. The ingredients we are using today can all be purchased from your neighborhood supplement distributor.

Every person has skin problems that are considered either unpleasant or very embarrassing. For a large number of citizens, to have stretch marks is one of the most common yet one of the hardest of all to lighten up. Stretch marks are developed when one experienced a sudden loss or gain of weight, specifically during pregnancy, so, pregnancy skin care is very important in this condition.

If you already have the marks, then use the cream thrice a day on the affected areas. The cream works its way through your skin and builds the cells and elasticity within. It also works on the outside of your skin making it smoother and regenerating your skin. When the skin regenerates, it is usually softer and blemish free. Many pregnant women don't use these creams because they think that it will affect their babies.

So this summer are you gonna wear a bikini or a beach towel? The choice is yours. I have just gave you the happy medium to remove your stretch marks. Just imagine having those beautiful legs back just in time for summer. Like I said my girlfriend Jenny got rid of hers you can even see a pic of her on the link below.

Prevention creams, lotions and oils: If regular massages are considered helpful then massages incorporating specially developed stretch marks prevention creams and oils can only be doubly so. Of course, it's important that you first check the ingredients of these lotions to ensure they really are capable of doing the job. Lotions that include AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), Retinoids and Vitamins A and E are best known to fight old stretch marks.

Stretch marks are the most common on thighs, arms, breasts, buttocks and abdomen. These all parts of your body look very unattractive and you can never wear the anything that will expose any part from these. So, you need to treat you this ugly marks as soon as possible, otherwise you can never get rid of this ugly marks on your body. There are several ways which can help you get rid of these marks. Cream, beauty treatment, scrubber, laser therapy and surgery are all the methods which are good in treating these marks forever.

Surgeries are very much effective in treating the stretch marks. This will be the real answer for those who ask how to remove stretch marks when they are seriously damaged by stretch marks. Treatments like dermabrasion and laser surgery are working but there will be a little pain to be experienced in the case of dermabrasion. This is one step ahead of the normal laser surgery in providing results. How ever laser surgery provides result with no pain to be experienced.

There are a few surgeries that some people consider when trying to remove these marks. The tummy tuck and laser surgery are among these. Both of these surgeries are highly effective but are very expensive and some surgeries take time to recover from and there is also the chance of scarring from the surgery.

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Treatment For Down Syndrome

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Down syndrome is one of the leading causes of mental retardation in infants. It does not only cause mental disabilities but physical malformation is also evident. Treatment for Down syndrome has been utilized over the years but with the advent of new and advanced therapies, new treatments were introduced.

The Ayurvedic treatment of Down syndrome is aimed at improving physical and cognitive deficits, preventing complications and attempting to normalize life for the affected children, to the extent possible with medicines. Medicines like Trayo-Dashang-Guggulu, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut-Guggulu, Vish-Tinduk-Vati, Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Sunthi (Zinziber officinalis), Marich (Piper nigrum), Pippali (Piper longum), Yashtimadhuk (Glycerrhiza glabra), Nimba (Azadirachta indica).

The symptoms of Down Syndrome can vary with each different case. There is no way to determine exactly what symptoms your child will have until they actually show up. This syndrome is the number one cause of mental retardation and malformations among infants today. There are actually over 50 symptoms that can determine if your child has this syndrome.

The Epstein Barr virus is a member of the herpes virus so can recur when the body is run down or under stress. An Epstein Barr Syndrome cure is focused on eliminating symptoms and ensuring that the syndrome does not return. Fortunately alternative medicine has a lot to offer in terms of boosting the immune system, reducing symptoms and keeping the virus at bay in the long term.

It contains the essential herbs St. John's Wort and Passion Flower, which are both beneficial in balancing behavior and soothing nerves and promoting equilibrium in the over all mental condition of a person with Down syndrome. These herbs, although not the cures for Down syndrome, can help in preventing further complications from developing. No matter how minute the help is, the important thing is we are able to help them.

If this disease syndrome treatment is not effective, you may need to recur to using wrist braces. These come in a diversity of different sizes, shapes, and designs depending on your individual needs. However, when it comes to choosing the right brace, it's best to be fitted by a doctor rather than buy them online. This will ensure that not only do they fit, but they're really the best carpal tunnel syndrome treatment for you.

The treatments available for this condition seems to be very different from the other curative forms as a lot of comfort can be attained by changing the entire eating habits. It does not depend on the medicines alone, but it works out best in changing one's lifestyle so that healthy foods are included in it. Food containing calcium, iron, multi-minerals, multi-vitamins, probiotics and psyllum husks must to be included in daily diets.

Many Down's syndrome children have physical problems that have to be constantly monitored such as congenital heart defects. With the right treatment and care the child can learn to be full functioning as an adult. Some individuals with this genetic condition can even live by themselves and hold down jobs. It is even possible for them to marry and have a family.

Apart from these, complementary therapies are also provided to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Part of chronic fatigue syndrome treatment is bodywork, which includes myofascial release therapy, therapeutic massage, and energy medicine. Myofascial release involves manipulation of the fascia or the connective tissue between the skin and muscles.

Another conservative approach to dealing with your carpal tunnel syndrome is the ingestion of natural herbal supplements like Neurophine. These supplements greatly reduce the ill effects of deficiencies known to aggravate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Non-invasive neurological health boosters like Neurophine strengthen the body where it is weakest.

The effect of every chronic fatigue syndrome treatment varies with different bodies. While some medications get absorbed by the body, others may have adverse reactions on the system. Hence, it is better to consult with a doctor, as self medication is risky which may further enhance allergic reactions and compromise health and safety.

She said that she was scared, nervous and disappointed at first but abortion was never an option for her. Now that she has three-year-old Eddie, she couldn't imagine life without him. Raising any child is not any easy job, whether they have 46 chromosomes or 47.

Organizations, like the National Down Syndrome Society, have helped people with Down syndrome fight for their legal rights and lobby for better educational programs. At its core, Down syndrome awareness is about enabling everyone to achieve his or her full potential, despite a disability.

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Treatment of Anemia

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Many individuals suffer from the medical condition anemia. When an individual's blood fails to maintain what is considered to be the average number of red blood cells, as well as actually drops below this average, they are said to suffer from this condition. There are other instances where a person is considered to have Anemia disease.

Sickle cell disease is a group of inherited blood disorders that center on red blood cells which can function abnormally resulting in small blood clots, chronic anemia, painful events, and potential complications associated with tissue and organ damage. These blood disorders include sickle cell anemia, Mediterranean blood disease, the sickle beta thalassemia syndromes.

These signs alone warrant a visit to the veterinarian. Your dog's veterinarian will take several tests on the red blood cells. The most common test is the PCV (packed cell volume). If your dog is diagnosed with anemia, there may be some other tests that will need to be done. The veterinarian will need to know if the bone marrow is producing increased numbers of new red blood cells to replace the lost. This can be shown in a blood smear.

The two main causes of anemia are the reduced or low formation of red blood cell and heavy loss of blood due to injury, heavy menstruation and bleeding piles. Any defect in the bone marrow or an inadequate intake of iron, vitamins and proteins results in low formation of red blood cells. The lack of hydrochloric acid that is required for digestion of iron and proteins also causes anemia. Use of drugs that inactive the nutrients needed in building cells also results in anemia. Various chronic diseases like tuberculosis, kidney failure, rheumatoid arthritis may cause anemia.

When the body is suffering from Anemia the kidneys cannot send enough of a hormone called erythropoietin to the bone marrow because of the lack of red blood cells. The bone marrow cannot produce red blood cells because of the lack of the hormone. Red blood cannot carry enough oxygen to the kidneys for the erythropoietin hormone production.

There are some diseases in the dog's body in which the production of the blood becomes slow or sops. This can also lead to anemia for sure. Sometimes the parasites which suck blood from the body of the dog can also be the cause of the anemia. Cancer and hypothyroidism are also two other diseases which can lead to anemia in the dogs. The symptoms also vary for anemia in the dogs. The membranes in the mucus start losing color.

Majority of anti-asthma remedies are safe for pregnant, but it is still better to consult a doctor as for preparation to take. Almost all who suffer from asthma know what may become a reason of fit, so avoid contact with allergens before getting pregnant and during whole pregnancy. Try to control your state yet before pregnancy.

Treatment of Anemia

Treatment should be directed at the cause of the anemia. In some cases, blood transfusions and the medication erythropoietin will correct anemia. For example, treatment for sickle cell anemia is different than treatment for a diet low in iron or folic acid. Talk to your HCP about the best treatment for the cause of your anemia. Other Treatment Injectable EPO is an alternative to blood transfusion to treat critically ill patients with anemia.

The most common symptom of anemia is feeling tired and weak. As anemic blood is not carrying enough oxygen, it causes the heart to work harder to get enough oxygen to the body's organs and tissues. There is a plethora of other symptoms. These include a smooth bright red tongue, pale or yellowish skin, low-grade fever, mental changes, nervous disorders, dizziness, shortness-of-breath, heart palpitations, tingling and numbness in hands and feet, giddiness, and digestive disorders.

Dang qui is a blood purifier. It has been used widely for women after perioa or loss of blood during child birth or other chronic illness. It is said that dang qui not only stimulate the bone marrow in production of blood and red blood cells to replace the blood loss but also to reduce painful menstruation, hot flashes, and other symptoms due to menstruation.

Once diagnosed, the doctor may wish to order further testing to determine the cause of the anemia. Treatment of normocytic anemia preferably targets the root cause. Occasionally, in severe cases, the doctor may recommend a transfusion of red blood cells or shots of erythropoietin. Erythropoietin is a hormone normally produced by the kidneys. Manufactured under various brand names, this medication induces the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells.

Iron is an essential nutrient that is required for the production of red blood cells in the body. When the iron content in the body reduces, the production of red blood cells is hampered which leads to Anaemia. This can be due to excessive bleeding during menstruation, gastrointestinal infections, blood loss due to injuries etc. Poor diet and chronic illness can also lead to iron-deficiency anemia.

Another cause of feline anemia is a viral infection. There are two common viruses to blame, namely the feline leukemia and immunodeficiency virus. Other diseases such as cancer and autoimmune disease are also common causes. This condition can also result if your cat ingests certain chemicals or toxins.

It was found that when compared to healthy participants, those suffering from Alzheimer's disease had considerably lower hemoglobin levels, mean cell hemoglobin concentration and high ESR, or Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate. A high ESR is a sign of anemia.


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Healthy Weight Loss Diets

02/12/2010 16:37

A quick weight loss diet plan is rare to find. While there is no such a thing as losing weight overnight, there are diet plans that can actually help you lose a few pounds fast within a week or up to three weeks depending on a few factors about yourself. Most people who are looking for a quick way to reduce weight fast really do want a diet that works and is healthy in the first place.

You can put together a good diet plan which loses the weight pretty quickly, and since everybody loses the weight by dieting, they are Guaranteed to gain it all back, so... You'll have a very profitable Business for life, or... 2. You can teach everyone how to lose the weight permanently, and go out of Business within one to two years (because everyone's Slim now).

There is no simple answer to this question. There is so much confusing research and so many conflicting studies that people don't know where to turn. Every book that comes out claims to contain the latest and greatest weight loss diet. Every guru you see on TV says they have the secret. But it seems that every time you try something new, you end up disappointed.

Before using any diet plan, it is always best to consult your physician or nutritionist first. They can provide you with professional advice on what steps you should take on losing weight. Fad diets such as Cybergenics can be ineffective because there are no indications on maintaining the weight you lost. Remember, the best tools in losing weight are always diet and exercise. Supplements can help, but if you eat right and exercise enough, you don't need them to stay in shape.

A weight loss diet patch works as a topical medication. It is pressed onto the skin rather than ingested, so the effects are more immediate as it doesn't have to pass through the digestive system. Once pressed onto the skin, the patch releases chemicals that either increase metabolism or suppress the appetite. The chemical content varies with each product, so be sure to check the labels before buying.

Increased Toxin Levels: When you have toxins in your body, toxins tend to go where you store body fat. The more fat you have, the more toxins you store. Because you are accumulating toxins, your body slows down. This means that the body's ability to metabolize fat also slows down, making it harder for you to lose weight.

The path to improving your diet, exercise habits, and weight loss is not easy and takes commitment and determination. Physical exercise is an important complement to dieting in securing weight loss. Exercise increases your metabolism and allows you to burn more calories while at rest and lose weight. Aerobic exercise is also an important part of maintaining normal good health, especially the muscular strength of the heart.

Everyone knows that changing habits, especially eating habits, isn't easy. You are going to have to get serious and work on achieving your goal of dropping weight to succeed. To make your weight loss diet plan a success you need to start by being in control of what you eat. Plan ahead and bring your lunch with you to work instead of hoping you can find something to eat when it is time for lunch. Bring along healthy fruits and vegetables for snacking on.

The mindset needed for your weight loss diet to be successful is a blend of knowing what you and how to get what you want as well as having a desire to do what it takes to meet your goal. You need to know what you want and understand your reasons behind your weight loss goals to put yourself in the right frame of mind. What other people think is unimportant, what matters is you. In the end this is for you, your health, your goals and your body.

It is important to understand that while a prescription strength weight loss diet pill may be helpful, the even the best weight loss pill will only work if the patient also changes his or her eating and exercise habits. There are pre-disposing genetic factors that make weight loss more difficult for some people, but no matter what the reason behind the obesity, diet and exercise must be a factor in weight loss.

A healthy weight loss diet with regular exercise can be more beneficial for women trying to lose weight. Weight loss diets efficiently reduce abdominal fat and triglycerides, which are the common risk factors for heart disease. High protein diet is good for overall health, as it does not consist of fatty foods and enhances the benefit of doing exercise.

With an exchange food diet, you will plan meals with a set number of servings from several food groups. The foods are determined by calorie intake, and you can pick and choose among foods that have the same calories to give you a variety of choices at each meal. This diet is great if you've just completed a fixed menu diet because it allows you to make your own food choices each day.

Once you have completed your quick weight loss diet it is important that you do not undertake too much exercise at this time. Yes you body feels better when on the diet but it will need to have time to adjust after it is stopped because there will be more changes taking place in it. If not then exercise could place further stress on your body that it does not need.

Not incorporating both diet AND exercise into your weight loss plan. Sure, if you cut a lot of fat out of your diet and remain at the same activity level you may still lose significant weight, but in all likelihood that weight will be lean muscle. You'll weigh less, but your bad will still have a high percentage of fat.


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