Diets to Lose Weight Fast

10/01/2011 17:31

If you want to lose weight effectively, you need to burn the calories in your body more than what you intake into your body. Advice from most weight loss experts would suggest you to do this simply by subtracting 500 calories to your daily diet together with decreasing your food intake and increasing your exercise. As proven, you can easily lose 1 or 2 pounds within a week with this weight loss technique.

If you want to check out easy diets to lose weight fast, then the Internet is the ideal place to do this. In fact, there is no better place to find independent information on the variety of easy diets to lose weight fast that exist in the world today. So before you consider pursuing any diets, check out the information on fast diets that work.

Consuming a lot of water is one of the most powerful key factors in your diet. Water plays a major role in losing weight and keeping it off, and it does this by naturally suppressing your appetite. Water will keep your stomach full, stop dehydration which causes hunger cravings, flush out toxins from your body, and help your body metabolize stored fat.

There are just too many diets and fad diets available today. I've found the 5 best diets to lose weight fast with that work for me. I have my own personal favourite which is a combination of three variations of the Scarsdale Diet with my absolute favourite being the economy version of the diet plan, but more on that in a bit.

Wanting a slimmer and sexier body is most peoples dream. Lots of people have succeeded in sculpting their physiques to make them look healthy and desirable. However, this is not attained with just a snap or by omitting one night's dinner. You need good diets to lose weight fast by because if you are like me, patience is not a virtue.

I lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks. The diet consisted of mostly protein and fibre. I still had the odd potato and once in the four weeks I had lasagna. Fish, lean cuts of beef, pork, and chicken were my staples. I like fruit and this program encouraged fruit and vegetable intake. The only foods the diet discouraged were potato's, pasta, and refined breads. This was a very flexible version of a low carb diet.

It is possible to take some weight off fast when you cleanse your body of the parasite and plaque build up in your system. In my opinion, this is the first thing you need to do in order to take off the weight and have a healthier body. But the amount of weight you lose depends on each individual.

The idea behind the all protein or high protein diet is that eating lots of protein might speed up the body's metabolism and lead to the body burning up more of its fat store. But sticking to one type of food could prompt your body to go into crisis and stop you from losing fat because it feels something nutritionally is wrong. Diets that promote a very low calorie intake could even lose you muscle instead of unwanted fat.

The truth is that all starving yourself will do (and also crash dieting) is to alter your metabolism so that it slows down and you become quite constipated. Here's the thing: once you've reached that target weight (or once you manage to fit into your dress), the most obvious thing to do would be to go back to your normal eating habits right? Well, as soon as you do, the pounds will immediately pile back onto your body, and even in a greater amount as your body is not anymore used to the extra portions.

The first step for you to start losing weight is to control your salt intake. By reducing your salt intake, you can actually prevent water retention which contributes to weight gain. With this reduction of salt in your body, you will be able to approximately lose 5 pounds in a week.

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Dental Care Advice

06/01/2011 17:40

While we all know that dental care is of the utmost importance to our dental health, obtaining the coverage needed to make these visits more affordable can be a difficult task. With the insurance industry being packed full of companies that are looking to make a quick buck, it can be hard to find affordable dental care that gives you the coverage you need without costing you more than you can possibly afford.

Until recently, a child would only visit the dentist after dental disease occurs. Sadly, some children with decay developed pain, infections, abscesses, chewing difficulties, malnutrition and low self esteem. Others experienced malocclusion, poor growth, difficulty in speech, bruxism (grinding) and decay of the permanent teeth. Delayed treatment was expensive and often children required general anesthesia and/or frightening restraint for needed repairs.

For those people who find it difficult to pay for their dental checkups, there are dental care organizations where cheap or free of cost dental checkups are done.. Even universities have offers for the poor to take care of their dental issues at a low price or for free. Often projects and camps are conducted by students who are doing the studies of dentistry to offer free or reasonable aid to people suffering from dental problems but can not afford dental care.

For people, whose income is very low and for those who face difficulty in paying for their dental expenses, there are many dental care clinics run by the government and other public organizations. These dental clinics provide free dental check ups for the poor. Many medical universities have also started offering free dental camps or at a very low cost. Medical students of dentistry who are in their final years participate in such camps and help the poor by resolving their dental issues.

The hormonal changes of pregnancy, food cravings and acid regurgitation that commonly occur may make a pregnant mother more prone to poor oral hygiene leading to increased risk of gingivitis and severe periodontal disease with resulting damage to gums and other structures and, ultimately, loss of teeth.

Cavities find their way through even though you have been very regular with your brushing. Only professional cleaning tools can help to completely get rid of substances that are present in between your teeth that are the cause of cavities.

Dental plaque, which is composed of bacteria, saliva and cellular debris, builds up on the enamel of the teeth. When plaque accumulates with food particles, it becomes hard, thick and yellow-or calcified-and is called tarter. Tarter becomes evident on many pets' teeth by the time they're 2 to 3 years old. If not removed tarter causes red, inflamed, infected, and painfully gums called gingivitis.

To help your cat's teeth stay in top shape, there are several things you can do. First, make sure your cat sees the vet, sick or not, once a year for a health exam. The veterinarian will be able to spot dental problems during annual exams. Your vet will look for bad breath, tooth decay, and missing teeth. All of these can point to more serious issues.

You have to know that you must start to care for his mouth as soon as possible. Most people advice that you must start after birth. Experts say that you must bring your baby to a dentist as soon as his first tooth has erupted for the dentist to see if it grows well and healthy. You must start dental caring as soon as possible to help your baby achieve a nice smile later on.

Take a wet washcloth or one of the soft toothbrushes designed for a newborn and wipe or gently brush the baby's gums with it. Most research says do not use fluoride toothpaste. Babies do not know how to spit out their toothpaste and run the risk of swallowing it, and excess fluoride can cause spots on the teeth. Get the advice of your dentist or pediatric dentist for further guidance.

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Boost Energy foods

06/01/2011 17:34

According to Chinese medicine, our day to day Qi energy is derived from the Qi of the foods we consume. We wouldn't dream of putting the wrong kind of fuel into our cars, yet we regularly try to fuel ourselves with inappropriate foods. Our own Qi then suffers as a result of the poor quality Qi we consume, leaving us weak, tired, with poor immunity and at increased risk of degenerative diseases.

For most (healthy) people, the fundamental purpose of eating is to fuel the body. For the body to function as a system. But again, more than allowing your body to at least move, your food choices should boost you as a whole. To give you strength, vigor and energy. This is the vital factor- energy. And energy is that which will not only sustain your body but will literally make you live.

When pursuing high impact sports, such as aerobics, running and swimming, high energy food should be consumed in larger proportions. Through establishing an understanding of high-energy foods and how to determine the proportions that you require for your weekly activities, you will be capable of maintaining a balanced diet.

A variety of vitamins and minerals are featured in this drink. There are more than twenty of these materials in each bottle of Boost energy drinks. A bottle contains a full day's recommended amount of Vitamins C and E. It also contains Vitamin A with much of it has Beta-Carotene. With these it will be easier for the body's immune system to be well protected.

Or at least that's how it used to be. But now you can do both - lose weight and have high energy levels! The reason for such a sudden change is acai berry - a grape sized berry that grows in the Amazon rain forests. Hailed as the nature's perfect food it contains many minerals and vitamins, omega fats (healthy fats) is rich in fiber and is a very powerful antioxidant.

First I want to talk about creatine. Creatine is probably the most popular supplement when it comes to strength building. There is an awful lot of scientific evidence to show that it is fairly effective. Basically creatine is a protein like substance that is mostly made up of three amino acids that can be found naturally in meat and also sometimes in fish. While it doesn't boost energy or strength on its own, it can help when used in conjunction with a weightlifting workout.

Dieters are well aware when trying to cut calories and carbs they may begin to feel drained and tired. One of the newest diet fad foods, shirataki noodles, can be used to boost energy. Energy is important to maintain a healthy exercise regimen and also function properly in the everyday world. When we have the energy we need, we are happier and more productive resulting in a healthier person.

When stressed however, these systems are literally on 24-hour watch; specific chemicals and hormones are secreted in an attempt to help your body cope, readying your body to 'fight'. Over time, this not only weakens the internal workings of the entire system allowing disease to develop and fat to accumulate on your body, but eventually, it wears out your body and your metabolism. It's like revving your car while in park - 24-hours a day.

The more plant food, fruits, nuts and seeds you eat, the more nutrition and energy will you acquire. It's a fact that more energy is needed to digest animal meat than to digest a green vegetable. Plus, green veggies have the largest amount of living energy compared to a dead animal flesh.

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Love Handle Exercises

05/01/2011 17:30

The first of the love handles exercises, which is often neglected or forgotten are Side Twists. These are better performed with a short pole or stick placed across your shoulders behind your head and held in place with your hands at either end.  This will help you to maintain a straight back and better posture.

These are designed to tone and firm your external oblique muscles. Side stretches are done by standing straight with your knees slightly bent with your feet apart. SLOWLY, bend to your right sliding your hand down your right leg. When you start to feel a slight pull from your muscles, it is time to slowly return to the straight position. Now repeat the process on your left side. To keep this exercise effective is you must keep your body and legs straight over each other so don't bend over.

Passive Love Handles Exercises are easy to do and you can do this whenever, wherever you want. It just involves giving your stomach a stretch to activate the abdominal muscles. Do it the first thing in the morning upon waking up, while reading the morning paper, while on lunch break, while your children are in the sandbox, before hitting the sacks.

Interval training is where you work for short intense periods of high intensity and then recover slightly with low intensity and repeating it over and over again. Interval training builds brilliant aerobic strength and stamina which helps your cardiovascular and respiratory system. It will get you huffing and puffing.

You should also make sure you eat breakfast every morning. Start your day off right with a fat burning smoothie, or an omelet with vegetables in it and whole wheat toast and real fruit juice. Or if you're a cereal person, just make sure it's a high fiber cereal that doesn't include a lot of processed grains.

There are many reasons why we need to keep fit. One of the main reasons is our health. If we start building fat, arteries may be blocked and prevent the circulation of blood in our heart, which may cause heart attack. Regular exercise can help in eliminating those love handles around the waist. You can choose from many fitness programs including love handle exercise to help you get rid of belly fats.

To illustrate my point, imagine a hunk with chiseled 6-pack abs. Now, dress him a bulky winter coat. You will not be able to see his tight body he has under all those layers of fabric. If you take that bulky winter coat and replace it with body fat, you'll have the same results. So your workout has to address the layers of fat too, while you tone your ab muscles up.

People who practice some love handles exercise poorly will stand a high risk of joints degeneration. Do you suffer from aches and pains especially in your hips and knees? This may be due to the fats in your loose belly which causes muscle wasting and pro-inflammatory responses near your joints. Read on to learn all about harmful love handles exercise and what are some of the best practices recommended by trainers out there.

This is truly a killer and was recently shown in a study to be far more effective than side crunches at working the love handles. To perform the Side Plank lie on your side with your forearm (lower arm) on the ground and your upper arm straight down from your shoulder. Place your feet one in front of the other, then raise your hips off the floor so your body forms a diagonal line from foot to armpit and the only part of you that's on the floor is your forearm and feet. Hold for 15-20 seconds then rotate onto the other side.

To understand why, it is important to look at how the body deals with body fat. Fat in one place belongs to the whole body, no matter where it is. You cannot selectively lose fat in the body part of your choice, instead, fat is lost systemically. Fat is lost from all over your body, and there is no way you can determine where the fat will be lost from. Therefore losing love handles requires patience, but it's a goal that is definitely achievable.

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Pantothenic Acid Overdose

05/01/2011 17:18


If you want to know about Vitamin B5 read on and educate yourself. It is also known as Pantothenic Acid is one of the eight water soluble vitamins that make up the Vitamin B complex. Pantothenic acid is a nutrient that is essential for life and partakes of a wide range of functions, including making fats, hormones, hemoglobin and neurotransmitters. Also it is needed in growth, reproduction and normal functioning of the body.

B vitamins were once thought of as a single vitamin called Vitamin B. After much research, we discovered there are actually 8 distinct vitamins. Further research has also concluded that B vitamins are water soluble, which means that they are easily excreted out of the body and therefore must be consistently consumed through our diet. B Vitamins have often been the talk of supplementation over the years because of the essential role it plays in the metabolic process.

When it comes to utilizing non-medicated techniques to treat acne, vitamin A is the most regularly used item. Acne appears when the pores in your skin become clogged with oil and dirt. Just like vitamins E and C, vitamin A is an antioxidant which means it rids the body of everyday pollutants. The best way to eliminate acne is not to treat the acne itself but to take steps to prevent acne causing irritants and to advance the resilience of your skin.

Many people take over-the-counter vitamin supplements without full knowledge of their effects. Unarguably, vitamins supplements can benefit the body; however, there are pros and cons to taking them. It's to your advantage to know how vitamin supplements will affect you, especially if you take them in pill form.

Vitamins are organic substances that are essential for the growth and maintenance of living organisms. We unlike plants have to get vitamins through the foods we eat. Plants have it easy because they can make vitamins themselves. There are two categories of vitamins. The first is fat soluble vitamins. These last in the body longer and stick to your fat cells. If you have a well balanced diet you shouldn't need to take any vitamin supplements.

Vitamin B5 is good for you, but does it help you get Lucid Dreams? Unlike Vitamin B6, there is no evidence to support that theory. However, there is evidence that low doses of the herbal extract Galantamine (Reminyl/Razadyne) have been successfully used to improve thinking and memory. Since it is the memory portion of our brains we are trying to control, it looks like Galantamine might be the key to experiencing a dramatic boost in dreaming activity, vividness and clarity. Mixed with Vitamin B5.

Vitamin B5 deficiencies are very rare. It is usually unheard of for a patient to take a supplement of this vitamin. Even through many research studies from doctors and physicians, no cases of symptoms have occurred. Not getting enough of this vitamin is also very rare as it is almost found in all the foods that we eat.

Hepatitis is characterized by the destruction of a number of liver cells and the presence of inflammatory cells in the liver tissue caused by excessive alcohol drinking, disorders of the gall bladder or pancreas, including medication side effects, and infections.In this article, we will discuss causes, symptoms, types, prevention and treatment of hepatitis.

Vitamin A repairs and maintains skin tissue. Some foods rich in Vitamin A are: egg yolks, oysters, non-fat milk and foods rich in Beta Carotene. Beta Carotene coverts into vitamin A. Some of these foods are: papaya, watermelon, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach.

When taken as a dietary supplement in the daily diet, they help balance out the deficiencies of improper eating habits, overcooked foods, and non-nutritive processed foods. Vitamins are also critical in the production of red blood cells and the protection of the nervous, skeletal, and immune system.

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Basic Pilates Exercises

04/01/2011 17:50

Have you ever heard about Pilates exercise? Definitely you've had some brush through of this term, right? Many people are already engaging themselves to the Pilates program and of course as you go through with this routine, you would need the Pilates exercise equipment. As you finally decide on getting on with the Pilates exercise, most fitness experts would tell you that you have arrived at a good decision and sure enough, there is nothing for you to regret.

Pilates Exercise is designed to improve the body core including muscles in the abdomen, back, and buttocks. According to some opinions it is better than Yoga exercises because it strengthens the body by improving posture strength and increasing muscle flexibility through the use of stretching. The machine in Pilates Exercise forces the body to stay in a certain position while moving the other parts in various directions.

Many Pilates videos can show you how to use the exercise balls properly. There is a variety of exercises that can be done with the Pilates ball. Balancing and strengthening exercise are a focal point when using the Pilates ball.

The student lies on the floor. He then does a 10-degree lift using the abdominal muscles, but without using the rear end muscles. Next, he lifts onto his shoulders and then slowly starts to lower the shoulders back to the starting position. It is important that during this exercise, he keeps his abdominals contracted and focuses on lifting very slowly, one vertebrae at time. For this exercise, he will exhale while lifting and inhale while lowering.

The basic Ideology of the Pilates Exercise is the use of the body's mental ability to improve movement, efficiency and muscle control, which is also why they say that Pilate exercise somehow improves one's mental state. Pilates also makes you aware of proper posture, due to the exercises that you do, it also develops the muscles in the back and abdomen, further contributing to your good posture. Pilate exercise also uses breathing techniques, which further increases mental focus.

As a result, Winsor Pilates is no doubt a perfect exercise for experienced movers. Typically, before you can exercise with the most intricate movements of Pilates, you must have develop enough understanding of the basics of Winsor Pilates. This includes its principles and safety precautions. Knowledge of the basics Pilates moves is very needed as the more advanced level is highly prone to imbalances and injuries if not performed according to Pialtes standards.

Pilates puts great importance to the abdominal section ("stomach"). Actually pilates is not the only practice which puts a lot of importance to the abdomen: almost all oriental cultures from shintoism to Chinese Qi, think of the abdomen as the "power center of the body", where the energy of the soul (Chi, Ki, Qi, whatever) is generated. Pilates also acknowledges this section as the "powerhouse" of the body.

If you are not familiar with the world of Pilates, you may get a better picture of the basics involved if you compare it to yoga. While Pilates and yoga have many differences, they are similar in that they do not cause any impact to your joints, feet, or other body parts. At the same time, you will see your flexibility, muscle tone, endurance, and overall athleticism get better as you do a regular Pilates exercise routine.

The Pilates exercise ball is such a simplistic Pilates exercise machine, however the benefits of incorporating a Pilates exercise ball into your routine should not be overlooked. The Pilates exercise ball is used to strengthen your core as well as improve your balance. This balancing "act" so to say forces your body to use its core muscle group known as your powerhouse to keep it from falling off the ball.

Fundamental Breathing: The performer rests on his knees on a Pilates mat while setting the flat part of the hand on the performer's ribcage. The performer then inhales deeply to be alert of the ribcage area expanding. The performer breathes out deeply, to be alert of the ribcage contracting. Replicate five executions.

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Glyconutrients Treatment

04/01/2011 17:43

Stem cells are being touted as the next big thing in biology. They serve many exceptional functions as a repair system for the human body. They are believed to be able to divide perpetually and replenish other cells as long as the host (person or animal) remains alive. The remarkable thing about stem cells is that as they divide, they can either become other stem cells or some other type of cell such as a red blood cell, brain cell or muscle cell.

Though they sound very plain, consisting only of eight different types of sugars, glyconutrients are being celebrated on almost every level of biology and medicine. By doing a single search for glycobiology in Google or another search engine, one can quickly find thousands of websites dedicated to the topic.

Most of the known autoimmune issues occur among women. The genetic reasons for this are unknown. Although it has also been suggested that the slight exchange of cells between mothers and their children during pregnancy may induce autoimmunity. [1] This would tip the sex balance in the direction of the female.

Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by a sleep disorder call alpha-EEG anomaly. This condition occurs when periods of deep sleep are interrupted by brain activity that simulates waking and the result is poor sleep. Other sleep disorders are also common in fibromyalgia patients, including sleep apnoea, bruxism, restless leg syndrome and rapid muscle contraction during sleep. these patients often suffer from symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome as well.

The human body can make these glyconutrients out of other molecules in the body. This is the reason for the experts in the field using caution when backing up the need for glyconutrient supplements. The question that remains to be answered is whether or not the body can produce enough of the eight essential sugars. The promoters of glyconutrient supplements say that even if the body can produce these nutrients on their own, the energy required to do so deplete the body of energy, leading to fatigue.

Another clue to the validity of the science of glycobiology is the involvement of major universities in the study of glycobiology. Academic institutions throughout the United States now have laboratories focusing on glycobiology research, including the University of California, University of Oklahoma, San Francisco State University, University of Wisconsin, The Burnham Institute, The Scripps Research Institute, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Glyconutrients are actually a variety of different plant sugars, which have been a part of the human diet since the dawn of time. However 8 of these sugars are especially needed for the body to work most effectively. They include fucose, xylose, glucose, glactose, mannose, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylneuraminic acid and N-acetylgalactosamine.

It was recommended that we put Storm on a glyconutrient supplementation program coupled with a raw diet high in protein and low in carbs. We started her on a leading brand of glyco supplements. These supplements contained the eight simple sugars that provide your body the building blocks it needs to enhance cell to cell communication.

Everything turned around after I discovered some writings by David Hudson about monatomic elements. Hudson cited some literature about how these monatomic elements can actually transmit light within the body in the form of photons. This is very interesting indeed because I had a "gut feeling" that something within my body was not communicating properly.

When purchasing glyconutrients be sure to look for the glyconutrients supplements that contain as many of the primary eight nutrients as possible. You want to be sure that the supplement that you purchase has an adequate level of these nutrients for optimal benefits as trace amounts are not worth it. They do not provide your body with what it needs.

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Natural Baby Skin Care

30/12/2010 17:43

When you are a parent, you will find yourself thinking about many different things, including the baby skin care, baby skin cream and baby skin treatment products you have been using. For those of you who want the best for your baby's skin, then you may want to check into that natural baby skin care product that is sitting on the shelf.

When considering buying baby products, there are five main ingredients that are regarded as the most effective in today's skin care creams. These ingredients are: chamomile, lavender, mandarin, calendula and red clover. Each one has different beneficial properties and products that use them are considered perfect for a baby's delicate and sensitive skin.

Watch for signs of sensitive skin such as red, dry patches which can be caused by harmful chemicals in skincare products and detergents. If your baby develops diaper rash, wash baby's bottom with warm water, change diapers frequently, use a protective diaper rash ointment, and leave baby without a diaper as often as possible to expose the area to fresh air. Avoid using petroleum jelly which traps moisture against the skin.

There are so many skin care products available for your baby today that choosing the right one can somewhat be difficult. However only a certain few stand out from the crowd and one in particular is worth a mention. The natural baby and organic line of products by Gaia is made from only the best natural ingredients and are of the highest quality.

The Weleda Baby Starter Kit is a perfect introduction to the Calendula baby collection. Weleda is a well-respected company from Germany, known for producing some of the highest quality organic skin care products in the world. The starter kit includes Calendula Baby Cream, Diaper Care, Shampoo / Body Wash, Baby Lotion, and Baby Oil. This wonderful wee collection is great for travel and stores well in a diaper bag, too.

First, avoid products with any of these ingredients: acetone, DEA, formaldehyde, MEA, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphates, synthetic fragrances, TEA, toluene, and triclosan. Next, if you're not sure what an ingredient is, do research by going online and entering the name of the ingredient using your favorite search engine. Finally, look for products that are biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The best place to find natural baby skin care products in the UK are specialty stores or on the Internet.

Baby's largest organ is sensitive and when it emerges from the protective cocoon of the womb, baby skin needs to adapt to its new environment. Luckily for us infant skin is highly adaptable, but has to overcome some common skin conditions. Some of these baby skin conditions, baby acne, cradle cap, heat rash and sunburn can be treated with basic regular baths complimented with natural, organic baby skin care products.

Especially in a modern-day environment where many big-name products use harsh chemicals, colourings and preservatives that could irritate a baby's skin or cause an allergic reaction.

When you have a new baby, you are usually too busy to read the list of ingredients on the skin care lotion or shampoo that you buy. But there are often some horrible chemicals lurking in the small print.

You might need to do a little cooking to make your own organic products, but you'll be surprised how easy it really is. With the exception of steeping some herbs, there is very little work involved, and if you grow your own herbs, you can make organic baby skin care products for almost nothing, using your own fresh ingredients.

Being organic means more than only containing natural ingredients. Although there are no governmental guidelines for what makes up an organic baby skin care product, there are guidelines for organic food, and those same guidelines can be applied to any product that claims to be organic.

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Risk Factors For Pancreatic Cancer

30/12/2010 17:35

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to treat using conventional Western Medicine. That is where an alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer comes in. Pancreatic cancer is hard to treat because it has very few symptoms before it spreads to other parts of the body. This is because pancreatic cancer is usually a very aggressive. By the time it is detected, it is often too late for conventional Western medicine to do anything other than to prolong life a few months.

The main reason pancreatic cancer has such a poor survival outcome is that the majority of cases are diagnosed when the cancer is at a very late stage. This is due to the non-specific symptoms associated with the disease in its early stages. Early warning signs include pain in the upper abdomen, jaundice, loss of appetite, and weight loss.

There are tons of books with nutritional plans and diet suggestions for Cancer patients full of fantastic advice on foods that can heal you or help you live longer but you have to be able to consume them to make it work. Pancreatic Cancer robs you of your digestive abilities in so many ways from stealing your appetite to causing great discomfort when you do eat.

Genistein belongs to a group of compounds called isoflavone, found in soybeans and most soy-protein products. Genistein is found to inhibit cell growth and induce apoptosis in different cancers cells. Studies have shown that genistein could be a potential candidate in the treatment or prevention of pancreatic cancer.

My mother Joyce was 66 years old when she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer during the summer of 2008. Though all Cancer is bad, Pancreatic Cancer is considered one of the worst because it is the most difficult to diagnose. The reason is that the symptoms mirror digestive problems as the disease hides in the depths of the digestive system.

Pancreatic cancer is a relatively rare disorder, accounting for about 3 in 100 cases of all cancer in the US. However, the disease, which mainly affects people over 50, is becoming more common in the US as life expectancy increases. Pancreatic cancer occurs almost twice as frequently in men as in women and the disease is slightly more common in African-Americans and Polynesians. People with pancreatic cancer usually have few symptoms until the disorder reaches an advanced stage and often not until it has spread to other parts of the body.

There are certain factors which put you at risk for pancreatic cancer. Age, being male, smoking, having a diet high in meat, and being overweight. In addition, African ethnicities are at a higher risk, those who work around pesticides and chemicals related to gasoline, and those who have a family history of diseases associated with the pancreas.

Smoking is another one of the 4 pancreatic causes that can be controlled, even if it's difficult for one that has become addicted to it. And while many think smoking puts the lungs more at risk, statistics reveal that the practice makes one just as prone to developing pancreatic cancer. Specifically, smokers are two to three times more likely to get pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of death among people who die of cancer, and because it is usually not diagnosed until the tumors have begun to spread elsewhere in the body, survival rates are especially low. That's why people who have known risk factors for pancreatic cancer (a parent, grandparent, or sibling who had the disease, work in the petrochemical industry, work with solvents, smoking) may benefit from dietary changes that lower the risk of the disease. Or at least lower the risk of the disease on a population-wide level.

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Alfalfa Sprouts Benefits

29/12/2010 17:38

It is actually a member of the pea family, a legume. It is an important crop for cattle and other animals, because of its high protein content, much higher than what is found in most grasses. People do not typically eat alfalfa grass, because the high fiber content. However, a young tender alfalfa sprout is a favorite health food.

Alfalfa grass is of the Genus, "Medicago" and the species is "satvia" it is from the Fabacea family of plants. Alfalfa grass can be used as high protein food for humans and livestock. It is recognised in agriculture as Lucerne. It is used as a stock feed and can be bailed for hay and used as chaff in horse or rabbit mixes and commercially available stock feed pellets.

Alfalfa is one of the most beneficial foods given to us by the creator. Alfalfa is one of the richest sources of all minerals necessary for great health. Alfalfa is one of the earliest cultivated plants, used for centuries for feeding livestock. This probably is true in part because Alfalfa is easy to grow, thrives in many varied climates throughout the world, and provides an excellent protein-rich food source.

These enable the plant to be an efficient concentrator of trace elements. Alfalfa plant is a very concentrated source of vitamin A, which is not lost when the plant is dried and sold in tablet form, and of vitamin C. Not all of us live near a source of alfalfa, but it is as easy to sprout, to mustard and cress, and the resulting sprouts are not only of a high nutritional order but are also exceptional providers of a wide spectrum I minerals.

Sprouts are an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, and potassium. They also contain all essential amino acids, and the hard to find vitamin D which is found in sunflower sprouts, and vitamin B-12 which can be found in alfalfa sprouts.

Horses love this grass, and it gives them a lot of energy. There are those who would argue to much energy under some conditions... Humans can eat alfalfa, but not in the amounts a horse can. In fact, you have to be *very* careful. Much more than 1/4 cup for a couple of days or half a cup total in a week is not a good idea. It would be toxic to you.

Dating back in Ancient Chinese medicine, the young leaves of alfalfa are used to treat digestive tract and kidney disorders. Ayurvedic or the native Indians on the other hand, uses leaves to treat poor digestion. Furthermore, the Alfalfa seeds are used to treat boils and this plant's concoction was believed to treat arthritis and water retention.

The seeds must be washed well in pure water and soaked in water for 24 hours, after closing the vessel with a clean cloth. The next morning seeds are cleaned and water is removed. To one fourth of the vessel the seeds are put and they require more space for their sprouting, bulky, and pulpy and with full of water. The sprouting will happen within three days. One can notice the green leaves at their tips.

Alfalfa tea has a long history of folk use in Europe as a spring tonic and an appetite stimulant. Alfalfa hay has been used by the Chinese since the sixth century to treat kidney stones. It has an age-old reputation as a nutritious food. Traditionally the whole herb and leaf have been used.

Sprouts can harbor bacteria that leads to food poisoning. This is particularly of issue for children, the elderly, and people with immune related illnesses, like Aids. The problem can be eliminated if sprouts are cooked, but then you don't get the benefit of all the enzymes in them, and some vitamins may be lost. There was an outbreak of salmonella in 2002 in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, and the FDA recommends that sprouts be cooked first.

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