Basic Pilates Exercises

04/01/2011 17:50

Have you ever heard about Pilates exercise? Definitely you've had some brush through of this term, right? Many people are already engaging themselves to the Pilates program and of course as you go through with this routine, you would need the Pilates exercise equipment. As you finally decide on getting on with the Pilates exercise, most fitness experts would tell you that you have arrived at a good decision and sure enough, there is nothing for you to regret.

Pilates Exercise is designed to improve the body core including muscles in the abdomen, back, and buttocks. According to some opinions it is better than Yoga exercises because it strengthens the body by improving posture strength and increasing muscle flexibility through the use of stretching. The machine in Pilates Exercise forces the body to stay in a certain position while moving the other parts in various directions.

Many Pilates videos can show you how to use the exercise balls properly. There is a variety of exercises that can be done with the Pilates ball. Balancing and strengthening exercise are a focal point when using the Pilates ball.

The student lies on the floor. He then does a 10-degree lift using the abdominal muscles, but without using the rear end muscles. Next, he lifts onto his shoulders and then slowly starts to lower the shoulders back to the starting position. It is important that during this exercise, he keeps his abdominals contracted and focuses on lifting very slowly, one vertebrae at time. For this exercise, he will exhale while lifting and inhale while lowering.

The basic Ideology of the Pilates Exercise is the use of the body's mental ability to improve movement, efficiency and muscle control, which is also why they say that Pilate exercise somehow improves one's mental state. Pilates also makes you aware of proper posture, due to the exercises that you do, it also develops the muscles in the back and abdomen, further contributing to your good posture. Pilate exercise also uses breathing techniques, which further increases mental focus.

As a result, Winsor Pilates is no doubt a perfect exercise for experienced movers. Typically, before you can exercise with the most intricate movements of Pilates, you must have develop enough understanding of the basics of Winsor Pilates. This includes its principles and safety precautions. Knowledge of the basics Pilates moves is very needed as the more advanced level is highly prone to imbalances and injuries if not performed according to Pialtes standards.

Pilates puts great importance to the abdominal section ("stomach"). Actually pilates is not the only practice which puts a lot of importance to the abdomen: almost all oriental cultures from shintoism to Chinese Qi, think of the abdomen as the "power center of the body", where the energy of the soul (Chi, Ki, Qi, whatever) is generated. Pilates also acknowledges this section as the "powerhouse" of the body.

If you are not familiar with the world of Pilates, you may get a better picture of the basics involved if you compare it to yoga. While Pilates and yoga have many differences, they are similar in that they do not cause any impact to your joints, feet, or other body parts. At the same time, you will see your flexibility, muscle tone, endurance, and overall athleticism get better as you do a regular Pilates exercise routine.

The Pilates exercise ball is such a simplistic Pilates exercise machine, however the benefits of incorporating a Pilates exercise ball into your routine should not be overlooked. The Pilates exercise ball is used to strengthen your core as well as improve your balance. This balancing "act" so to say forces your body to use its core muscle group known as your powerhouse to keep it from falling off the ball.

Fundamental Breathing: The performer rests on his knees on a Pilates mat while setting the flat part of the hand on the performer's ribcage. The performer then inhales deeply to be alert of the ribcage area expanding. The performer breathes out deeply, to be alert of the ribcage contracting. Replicate five executions.

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