Benefits Of A High Protein Diet

22/01/2011 16:22

You don't have to go on the Atkins diet to enjoy the benefits of a high protein diet plan. Atkins is not really about high protein only, but it does play a huge part in the plan. You can come up with your own diet plan if you learn something about dieting and what protein does for the body. You have to keep some balance to your diet, but adding extra protein can be very good for you, and has many great benefits.

A recent study which was published in the American Journal of Nutrition showed that when fat intakes was reduced by 20% of the total calorie intake and protein was increased to 30% with carbs making up 50% of the diet weight loss occurred, and participants were less hungry. On average, calorie intake dropped by 441 calories a day on the high protein diet.

If you want to build muscles, you will need proteins because they are like the building blocks. Without a lot of proteins, you will not achieve your goals. When you work out, you burn a lot of calories and the muscle mass will not increase unless you are on this diet. These diets are also effective in weight loss because carbohydrates are the foods that break down to body fats.

which will befuddle most people is the fact that you can't overload on proteins. It is physically impossible to do it because your body fills up quicker with all those proteins in your system and eventually you will be full and not need to eat or drink anything for a while. Guess what that means - if you drink one or 2 of those High protein diet shakes, you won't be snacking between meals.

This is demonstrated at the most extreme level by body-builders who adhere to protein-rich diets in order to bulk up and expand upon their muscle mass. Keep in mind that this extreme caliber of athlete is consuming anywhere from 2 to 4 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Most of us have to try really hard to eat just 100 g of protein a day, so increasing your intake of high protein foods is NOT going to turn you into a muscle-bound jock.

With all the fad diets coming and going, it can be hard to figure out what truly works and what doesn't. When it comes to losing weight, it's important to choose an approach that not only works quickly, but also promotes good health and works long-term. Let's review the pros and cons of a the high protein diet plan so you can decide if this is the right approach for you.

Some of the more well known high protein diet plans include the Zone and the Atkins diet, and there are others. Usually, these are plans that call on you to consume 30% and upward of your entire calorie intake from protein.

The advice from The USDA Food Guide Pyramid is an person should get two to three servings of a meat product and two to three servings of milk products every day. You must keep your consumption of fat extremely low. While eating meat, it is important to keep the serving size of meat to only 3 or 4 ounces. The size is generally compared to the size of a deck of cards. Get in a single cup of milk per day and consume 2 ounces of cheese a day. They are the essentials to keeping your body healthy.

One of the benefits of this kind of diet is that it can help an individual develop lean muscles. Studies have shown that developing lean muscles can help a person lose weight fast. Of course, you will not be able to develop muscles just by following some kind of diet alone. You have to couple it with regular weight training. Through regular lifting of weights, the protein that you will be consuming will be easily converted to hard muscles which in turn will help you burn fat for a leaner more attractive body.

While this type of diet can be easily digested by athletes and sports person but for a normal person this diet is not easy to digest. The waste produced after digesting heavy proteins puts a lot of strain on the liver and kidney. And many high protein diets have high levels of saturated fats that can cause blocked arteries leading to heart problems.

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