Benefits of Diet For Gestational Diabetes

19/01/2011 16:06

Approximately 4% of women who are pregnant in the United States will be affected by gestational diabetes. It is a misunderstood disease in that medical research has been unable to pinpoint why women suffer from it during pregnancy only to see it disappear after the baby is born. The stress and increased hormonal activity associated with pregnancy is thought to be a factor but women who are at risk will need to follow a diet for gestational diabetes.

At present, the only effective method for preventing gestational diabetes is to eat a balanced diet that is rich in proteins and contains right amount of carbohydrates, fats and other important nutrients. In fact, a sample diet for gestational diabetes is considered effective only when it provides the necessary energy and calories required for proper growth and development of the fetus as well as the mother without causing any increase in the blood glycemic value.

The sample diets provided below, should serve as just a starting point. You may find that you have greater success with gestational diabetes diets that are more structured or with tailor-made recipes. Always make sure that you consult closely with your health care professional before starting a new diet.

High sugar levels in the pregnant woman's blood can be risky for her and the baby. If gestational diabetes isn't treated, the baby would be more likely get sickly at birth. The baby may have low blood sugar levels, jaundice, or macrosomia, a case when the baby weighs much more than normal. Gestational diabetes may also affect the difficulty of the delivery. When the baby is very large, the pregnant woman with gestational diabetes must ideally undergo cesarean section.

Breakfast is the most essential meal for the day for anyone who is diabetic of any type. When you make a poor choice in the breakfast, it will leave you fatigue for many hours. There is chance to attain elevated blood sugar levels for the remaining hours of the day. You need high-protein and nutritional food as breakfast to keep you active for the whole day.

Diet for gestational diabetes is very important, high blood glucose levels that are not treated during pregnancy can cause problems for the baby and the mother. Gestational diabetes does not cause the baby to have diabetes. But if remain untreated it can cause the baby to produce too much insulin and gain too much weight, and increasing the risk in having premature delivery.

During your pregnancy your energy requirements will increase slightly when you are in your second and third trimesters, just remember that you don't have to eat for two, only add around 1200 kj extra per day. Ensure that the extra kilojoules you add to your diet are nutrient-rich foods.

One way to keep the blood sugar level under control is to follow the diet for gestational diabetes. It is recommended to seek consultation to a registered dietitian that can provide you the diet plan that is best for you, based on your weight, height, physical activity, and the needs of the growing baby as well as the level of glucose intolerance.

A pregnant woman can develop diabetes during pregnancy, this is what we called gestational diabetes. Diet for gestational diabetes plays a big role in preventing and controlling the severity of the condition. This diet helps the mother to control the intake of foods that they need to eat. The diabetes cannot be cured but can be controlled so it is very important to consult the dietitian.

There are routine screenings for gestational diabetes that are done during the second trimester that are recommended to help protect both the mother and the baby. These tests usually occur around the 24th to the 26th week but can be sooner or later. The diet plan will include many changes that the mother may not be used to but they are important to keeping the both of them healthy through out the pregnancy and making sure the mother does not develop pregnancy induced hypertension, another serious condition that is more common.

If you are offered the services of a dietician, then use it as an opportunity for a health check on your diet. It could prove to be lastingly beneficial as you will use the lessons learned and the advice given for yourself and the well being of your whole family. Don't assume you are overweight and need to diet to lose weight. It is not the idea of a gestational diet to fit you into a bikini.

Although gestational diabetes often disappears after the baby's birth, there is a possibility that type 2 diabetes will occur later in life. Diets for both types of diabetes sufferers are similar. Monitoring carbohydrate intake becomes an integral part of daily nutritional habits.

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