Best Hyundai Genesis Coupe Features

04/03/2011 16:18

Every year car enthusiasts and automotive journalists head over to local car premiers and conventions where all the renown automakers release their precious babies for the masses to gawk at and do the "ooh-ah" over and over, it's like taking a kid to the candy store, but this 2009 is unlike any other.

Ever since the South Korean automaker arrived in the U.S. market, back in 1986, it's emphasized value. Hyundai typically promised features and capabilities similar to those of major competitors, but at a significantly lower price. Now that Hyundai is moving boldly upmarket, past the current Azera sedan, value is still a drawing card.

Despite the criticism, Hyundai has gone ahead and introduced its flagship Genesis sedan to the US and will immediately follow that car up with the Genesis coupe. Like it or not, Hyundai is pushing upmarket with a car that is surprisingly luxurious and undercutting its competition by thousands of dollars.

The 2009 North American Car of the Year marks the first win and nomination for a Korean automaker. The Genesis Sedan tops the mainstream Hyundai line-up and is also the first luxury sedan from Hyundai. The Genesis was designed to compete with the more expensive luxury vehicles and has emphasis on its driving performance.

The changes Hyundai is introducing with the Genesis sedan are keeping in line with the company's philosophy to offer cutting-edge design and technology, segment leading fuel economy and world-class value. Hyundai has already committed to updating the Azera sedan for 2012 and will be releasing the Veloster coupe in the same model year.

It has been a long time running and it was bound to surface sooner or later, the 2009 Hyundai Genesis sedan is the earth child of a constantly improving automotive manufacturer. There have been great praises and spy photos for the car that will give some of the most elite luxury sedans a run for the money, and consumers will soon see why.

Lexus and BMW should be seriously scared! The new 2009 Hyundai Genesis is turning heads and making quite an impression. If you're looking for a luxury car but not the high expenses that come with it, you might want to take the 2009 Hyundai Genesis into consideration. The new Hyundai Genesis is a luxury sport sedan that closely resembles the Benz S-Class exterior.

When the carmaker first arrived in the west the goal was to offer an affordable vehicle. This is what the company felt was missing in the market so it is what they offered. It worked until owners of the car started to realize that the reliability of the vehicle was what was sacrificed in order to make it more affordable.

The V6 moves the Genesis Coupe into a different realm. The V6 feels much less nimble than the four. Also, the V6's manual did not react well to performance-oriented shifts, responding with harsh drivetrain shocks, as if we had never driven a manual.

The next best feature available on the car is the transmission selection. The car comes in with both an automatic transmission and a manual transmission. As automatic transmissions get better and better it is getting harder to find performance cars with manual transmissions available, be manual transmissions are what most car enthusiasts want.

Hyundai has decided to build a new car and just hearing the available drive train really caught this enthusiast's attention. Rear-wheel drive turbo four cylinder. The tuner market has been begging for cars like this and most of those that deliver do so at a price that is a little steep for most.

Hyundai has paid special attention to the interior of the 2011 Genesis. It comes with elegant leather upholstery with heated front seats. This modern car does not lack in state-of-the art features. The steering wheel comes equipped with controls for Bluetooth mobile phone connection and the audio system.

Hyundai has shown a lot of sales growth over the past several years and has become another tough competitor for its Japanese rivals. The South Korean company has a wide range of cars in its lineup to suit all different kinds of car buyers in today's market. We have taken a look at the manufacturers lineup and determined what we think are the company's two strongest models.

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