Best Type of Diet For Diabetic Patients

25/02/2011 15:33

One of the best things about type II diabetes is that it can be controlled by diet. However this is also one of the worst things, and the initially set up of a diet for diabetic patient management often becomes a source of friction between the diabetic and the doctor.

The main item of contention concerns the type of food involved in the diet. Many doctors want to see their patients adhere to a very strict diet, but many of the patients refuse to comply with such a strict diet, often unaware that their decisions and actions could potentially lead to enormous complications with the disease, or even death.

The best diet for diabetic patient management should involve fresh root and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, and the reduction or avoid them is alcohol consumption, especially full strength beer and spirits. It is often this last point that is the most difficult one for a diabetic patient to face, because they feel that a doctor is trying to ruin a part of their life and enjoy.

Diet for diabetic patients can mean the difference between getting your diabetes under control and not being able to control it properly. It is important to determine the number of calories you should have in a day, which should be based on what your ideal body weight is.

All the people who are affected with this particular ailment, must have a proper, nutritious and refined diet. Being a diabetic, it is important to check all ingredients you take in your regular diet. It is advisable by many doctors, to all diabetics to maintain a diet chart, depending on the type of diabetes, age, sex, body weight and style, physical and personal need of an individual.

High blood pressure supports hyperglycemia and increases the risk of heart disease. Try to avoid the intake of fried meats, fast food and foods which contain an over amount of saturated fats mainly seen in meat. Studies say that it is better to prefer sea foods like fishes and prawns than meat and poultry for controlling blood sugar level.

Avoid Fried and Oily Stuff - First of all, Diabetic patients should avoid fried and oily stuff. Instead, they should put more emphasis on skimmed milk. They even can have few pieces of home made cheese in the breakfast. They must also avoid starchy white foods such as white bread, potatoes, rice pastas etc.

Lifestyle diseases which includes diabetes mellitus, which is divided into two types (Type 1 and type 2), are now slowly increasing in terms of number of people suffering from this disease. The common treatment to manage this health condition is the diet modification and intake or injection of insulin into the body.

Contrary to popular belief, a diet for diabetic patient isn't one that will make you starve. A diet for diabetic patients includes many kinds of tasty and yummy as well as nutritious items that will fill your tummy and satisfy your taste buds as well. In this article, I will try to outline a proper diet for diabetic patient that will bust your diabetes in less than 4 weeks.

A proper diet for diabetic patients will help them maintain a healthy body weight and, more importantly, can help regulate the levels of blood sugar that may be very hard to control in many patients. If you do not follow a diet for diabetic patients you may find that you end up with many different side effects.

Healthy eating does not emphasis on consuming a large quantity of food. Acquiring the needed quantity of food is the core principle behind healthy eating. Desserts, candy, wines and other sugar beverages are some of the restricted food intakes for a diabetic patient.

Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (also known as IDDM): This type of diabetes generally affects children or younger adults. More often than not children with family histories of diabetes usually get afflicted with this disease.

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