Carbohydrate Vegetarian Diet Plan

27/01/2011 16:50

Getting in shape is a trend that never goes away. When you are ready to acknowledge that you need to lose a few pounds, you may consider doing a low carbohydrate vegetarian diet. Different from other popular diets that actually have you consume unhealthy foods that contain fat and cholesterol - a low carbohydrate vegetarian is the healthier alternative.

Individuals who use the protein high diet by Dr Atkins have been reporting this. Numerous reports have shown that low carb ingestion increases triclycerides, cuts down blood glucose for people with diabetes problem and people in early stages of diabetes and increases helpful cholesterol (HDL).

Even if you follow your meal plan to the letter, you are still going to find that certain foods will give you a bigger spike in glucose levels than expected. You may also find that other foods you expected to pump up your readings barely bump the meter. That is the individual nature of diabetes.

This diet plan for bodybuilding is for those who want to add muscle mass. However, before you can get ripped and shredded, you need to have muscles to show off. Gaining muscle has a lot to do with how you eat. You can exercise properly but, if you don't eat the right foods in correct proportions... you will not gain maximum muscle mass.

Being a vegetarian can be quite good in that you have a select group of foods which don't traditionally cause weight gain. Most vegetables are actually low in carbohydrates which are fibrous carbohydrates that are good for your digestive system. So any vegetarian diet plan that excludes anything but fruits and vegetables is likely to succeed.

If you see it in this way you are going to accomplish something and will experience a significant decrease of body fat. Eventually as you make progress you are going to again start to reintroduce carbs to your everyday diet, the difference is you are now going to have the knowledge not to use them too much.

It wasn't until a routine visit to the doctor that I got the news that my good cholesterol had taken a big nose dive in less than a year. I can't say either way if my new eating habits contributed to my latest change in my overall health, but it was quite a coincidence.

With the sudden boom of dieting in the country, different diet programs have been introduced in the country. Although many experts believe that proper exercise and not only diet can lose those pounds in a healthy way, many people still believe in the power of diet programs and diet plans.

Whilst you've decided on choosing the low carb diet plan as your preferred choice of dieting, but knowing the exact one to choose is a massive job on its own. We have the Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, The Life Without Bread, The Carbohydrate Addicts Lifestyle Plan, Neanderthin, The Protein Power, to name a few.

When a person cuts back on carbohydrates in a severe way the body goes into what is called ketosis. Ketosis is when the body starts to use the stored fat for energy. This leads to eating less because you feel less hungry but it also has side effects such as constipation and not so nice smelling breath. So instead of eating all the high filled carbohydrate food to get energy you would eat food with very little carbohydrates.

Here's a look at three of the most popular diet plans that are being used today. All three of these diet plans focus less on actually limiting calories and more on choosing the foods that keep blood sugar levels stable, which helps your body naturally shed fat.

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