Coconut Oil For Hair and Skin

23/02/2011 15:40

Coconut oil is one of the most common natural ingredients found in shampoos and hair conditioning products today, for good reason. This oil contains several different nutrients that keep your hair strong, protect it from the effects of aging, and make it healthier and shinier.

Other nature based product for preventing hair fall is coconut oil, which is extremely beneficial for attaining thick and lustrous curls. It not only cleanses and moisturizes your scalp but also soothes your mind. It can easily penetrate into your skin and stimulate the growth of follicles.

It contains vitamin E and other essential properties that your skin needs to remain healthy and young looking. It can actually slow the signs of aging and in many cases help reduce those aging signs that you already have such as wrinkles, fine lines and elasticity. In addition, it works wonders on bruises, burns, and small wounds aiding in the healing process.

It contains a high level of linolenic acid, which can easily prevent disorders related to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and stimulate hair follicle development. Topical application of Emu oil can easily increase the growth of skin cells around your hair follicles. You can apply this oil for cleansing and moisturizing your scalp.

Many people fall into the misconception of naming saturated fat as the "bad" fat while unsaturated fat is the "good" one. When it comes to being edible, totally saturated fats cannot be digested in opposition with unsaturated oils. However, experts have said that no natural food exist with totally unsaturated oil. It should be processed first.

Another advantage of using coconut oil as a body oil is, if used regularly, you'll notice that your skin becomes more beautiful, youthful looking, and glowy. This is because it is an antioxidant, shielding your skin from free radicals. It also helps shed dead skin cells, which results in pretty, glowy skin. It also makes the skin more elastic.

In this article I want to discuss hair oils for dogs and how they may be better for use than a dog shampoo. Now pet oils are new and they work just like human hair oils in that they will help you dog's skin, coat and care all from the outside. In this article you will find out how coconut oil and other herbs used in hair oils can help alleviate your dog's dry skin or swelling.

Even though the molecular structure of coconut oil is suitable for penetrating inside one's hair shaft, as well as works beautifully with natural hair proteins, it is still easy to go overboard with application and you end up with greasy hair. If you have applied too much, the only method to remove it is to rewash your hair.

Coconut is a tree commonly found in tropical countries most especially in areas of the Asian continents. Philippines is considered as the major exporters of coconut. The tree is so called the "tree of life" because of its complex uses. Aside from its wood, Coconut is one of the best sources of various oils which are used for commercial and medical purposes.

This nourishing fat protects you against heart disease (yes, contrary to what we're led to believe), diabetes, cancers, liver and kidney diseases, osteoporosis, dental decay and skin infections, viruses, yeast and fungi. It does wonders to your skin and hair too. And an excellent tool to help you lose that excess body fat.

Coconut oil weight loss is mainly because of the fact that pure coconut oil diet increases metabolism which leads to faster calorie output and rapid fat loss. This diet is digested much more easily because the path of its digestion and metabolism is simple and quick.

I get a lot of emails about natural remedies for hair loss and shedding.  One specific item that I'm starting to get a lot of questions about is coconut oil.  This remedy comes up a lot, but for different reasons.  There are basically three ways that folks use this product to help with hair and shedding.  I'll discuss all three in the following article.

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