Coltsfoot Side Effects

03/02/2011 14:38

Coltsfoot was traditionally used as an antitussive cough medication, which explains its botanical name Tussilago and its common name, coughwort. It is similar to Petasites vulgaris, butterbur, which can be a dangerous toxic contaminant in coltsfoot products. Both the flowers and the leaves of coltsfoot are gathered for herbal use.

Have you tried using herbs for asthma? They are the new wonder cure for asthma. Asthma, as you know, is an abnormal condition of the lungs. The typical symptoms of this condition are difficulty in breathing and wheezing. People, who suffer from asthma, have hyper sensitive airways. These airways become narrow and cause obstruction when they are inflamed. This obstruction results in the difficulty in breathing, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath etc.

Smoking causes many health problems for the smoker. One of the major problems is the build up of toxic material in the body and in particular in the lungs. This toxic material is an irritant that causes inflammation and the breakdown of lung tissue. Stopping smoking is the only treatment, but herbs are able to assist the body to remove toxic material.

There are a lot of traditional and herbal treatments for coughs and some are indeed stranger than others. The more common ones that are still widely used today involve using honey and lemon. Other herbs include garlic, onions, lavender, thyme, linseed, nettle and dock. Still others are cabbage, carrots, turnips, comfrey, rosemary, balm, glycerin and peppermint. Among all the herbs, eucalyptus is still the most popular cure.

Asthma is an abnormal lung condition characterized by difficulty in breathing. People with asthma have extra sensitive or hyper responsive airways. The airways react by narrowing or obstructing when they become irritated thus making it difficult for the air to move in and out. This narrowing or obstruction can cause one or a combination of the following symptoms like wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath and chest tight. Conventional treatment uses two types of drugs to relieve symptoms and control the attack.

Smoking drastically reduces our consumption of oxygen by introducing a wide range of pretty nasty chemicals in its place. Carbon monoxide, cyanide and several other lethal agents are in cigarette smoke. Inhaling those deadly vapors in each puff while you are smoking is like a long, slow gas chamber.

Organic hair products are composed without any kind of integration. All these products are made without pesticides, chemical compounds, fertilizers, synthetic preservatives, fungicides, colors and things consisting of irradiated products. So there is no chance of any side effects from use of such products.

Nothing is absolutely safe. Whether it is pharmaceutical, herbal or over the counter. Safety is a judgment call requiring a risk/benefit evaluation. All medicines should be taken in recommended dosages. And if you have never taken it before, it is wise to start with the lowest dose at first; in case of a reaction. Many believe medicinal herbs are safer than pharmaceuticals because they are natural.

It is essential that you find alternates to reduce your cravings as you face the nicotine withdrawal effects. There are several herbs which will be highly useful in assisting you to mitigate stress, anxiety, detoxify your body, boost immune response and metabolism; eventually these herbs make the quitting process easier. Though gums and patches are considered to be effective for replacing nicotine; it may not go well with everyone.

If you are serious about quitting smoking, you really need to think about why. Once you have decided write the reasons down and think about them. Here are some reasons you may have already thought of. Smoking is a major cause of cancer and heart disease. Smokers suffer more than their fair share of persistent coughs. Smoking also makes you, your hair, your mouth, smell and taste like an old ashtray. Those four reasons alone should really make you want to stop.

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