Diet For Gestational Diabetes

21/02/2011 15:31

Blood glucose levels will also need be tested and measured at least four times a day. This is done to ensure that the woman's blood sugars remain under control through out the day. The frequency of testing can be decreased once good glucose control is established but self monitoring will need to continue through out the pregnancy.

As per the available statistics, gestational diabetes appears in approximately pregnancies. Ironically, no one is able to define the exact cause of this illness. According to experts, pregnancy gestational diabetes occurs due to interference of placental hormones with glucose metabolism. Apart from this, gestational diabetes symptoms even appear in pregnant women who are obese or have any familial history of gestational diabetes.

The sample diets provided below, should serve as just a starting point. You may find that you have greater success with gestational diabetes diets that are more structured or with tailor-made recipes. Always make sure that you consult closely with your health care professional before starting a new diet.

Diabetes in pregnant women is medically known as gestational diabetes mellitus or GDM. It is a type of diabetes that women previously did not get but only during her pregnancy. The stomach and intestines breaks down the carbohydrate in food into sugar called glucose.

A woman with gestational diabetes should pay attention to her daily foods to eat, preferably by charting a diabetic diet menu plan. During gestational period, considering the growth of the dream baby in the uterus, any woman may go for consuming as much foods as she can. It is not good in anyway not to have selected diet foods. No doubt, there is need for nutritional foods, but you can be safe if you choose to have controlled diet as well.

Diet for gestational diabetes is very important, high blood glucose levels that are not treated during pregnancy can cause problems for the baby and the mother. Gestational diabetes does not cause the baby to have diabetes. But if remain untreated it can cause the baby to produce too much insulin and gain too much weight, and increasing the risk in having premature delivery.

During your pregnancy your energy requirements will increase slightly when you are in your second and third trimesters, just remember that you don't have to eat for two, only add around 1200 kj extra per day. Ensure that the extra kilojoules you add to your diet are nutrient-rich foods.

One way to keep the blood sugar level under control is to follow the diet for gestational diabetes. It is recommended to seek consultation to a registered dietitian that can provide you the diet plan that is best for you, based on your weight, height, physical activity, and the needs of the growing baby as well as the level of glucose intolerance.

Avoid refined carbohydrates, the most important thing that the patient can do is eliminate the refined carbohydrates. This includes sugar, white flour, regular pasta and white rice. These carbohydrates are lurking in cookies, cake, soft drinks, coffee beverages, pasta dishes, crackers, tortillas and breads that are not made from whole wheat flour. Taking these foods causes the blood sugar level to raise.

Just like a person who is not pregnant and has diabetes, a pregnant woman with gestation diabetes needs to be on a special diet plan. Unfortunately, gestational diabetes can have harmful effects on the fetus, this does not happen all the time but it can happen.

If you are offered the services of a dietician, then use it as an opportunity for a health check on your diet. It could prove to be lastingly beneficial as you will use the lessons learned and the advice given for yourself and the well being of your whole family.

Sample diets encourages a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats for the calories and energy required for the developing baby and maintaining the health and strength of the mother.

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