Dry Skin Brushing For Health

04/03/2011 16:26

Dry skin brushing is a sort of spa like method that gives its participants numerous health benefits. It is good for people that have dry, flaky, and even normal or oily skin. The many positive effects of dry skin brushing are not widely known, yet its health enhancing protection of your internal health, and overall skin appearance, can make it a pleasant part of your daily, natural health care routine.

Dry Skin brushing is a technique that dates back to ancient times.  Almost every indigenous culture has a special technique and substance that they use to dry body brush with.  For ancient Greek athletes the tools were called strigiles.  As people continue to look for natural, alternative health care practices, dry body brushing is again receiving notice and gaining recognition.

The skin is the body's largest organ, one of its primary functions is to facilitate the elimination of toxins through the pores. The skin is so important in the process of eliminating toxins it is often referred to as a third kidney. Toxins from the air, the environment, or from our diets can hinder the skin's detox function by clogging up pores.

The benefits of dry skin brushing go far beyond just looking great. As with all good things that are worthwhile, it does take some effort. Generally, people see and feel optimum results when done on a daily basis for about 5 months. However, you may start to see a difference in your skin in as little as a few weeks. Especially, if your skin is dry.

Dry skin may be caused by home and office climate control systems such as air conditions and central heating, which causes dehydrations of skin cells since these devices manipulate indoor temperatures with the use of harsh fluids. Aside from moisture loss, dry skin may be caused by poor skin care.

If you desire to have a healthy glowing skin you will need to follow some simple ways to take care of your skin and one such useful method is the dry skin brushing. If you are going to experiment with this method for yourself, it is something that you ought to begin doing every day, commonly in the morning before you take your morning shower. Here is how you must execute the dry skin brushing process.

The skin-brushing itself will change the health of your whole body. Circulation, skin softness and quality, skin infections and irritations, whole body freshness, treatment of cellulite, your level of stimulation, the prevention of colds, and you personal rejuvenation are all areas of improvement you can look for, when you make it to a regular habit.

Dry skin brushing is a common problem that many people may encounter. This does not mean a serious problem in the skin. However, it can be worsen if not treated properly. Maybe you will think twice about exposing your body to the public, wearing your bikini or having a date with your boyfriend.

There is one new way for women to get rid of cellulite that has a lot of positive benefits and it is called dry brushing. Some of the benefits that come from dry brushing include cleansing the lymphatic system, removing dead skin layers, strengthening the immune system and stimulating your hormone and oil producing glands.

Studies show that over 80% of women - thought not necessarily limited to them - are affected by cellulite, which are actually stretched fatty cells are caused by accumulated toxins in the body. These deposits of toxins result to the presence of very noticeable layers of skin that overlap each other, which, needless to say, are not very pleasing to look at especially based on women's culture today.

The skin, the largest organ of the body, is responsible for 1/4 of the body's detoxification every day. It actually eliminates two pounds of acid waste daily. When the blood is full of toxic materials, it is the skin that will show this first. The skin is the last to receive nutrients that it needs, yet the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiency!

Your skin is your body's largest eliminative organ - brushing it clears away dead skin cells making it look and feel smoother and allowing your skin to breathe better and release toxins more efficiently. Regular brushing also stimulates the underlying circulation of blood and lymph (a waste-removal fluid), which helps your body eliminate deeper level toxins, through your colon.

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