Get Rid of Stuffy Nose

09/02/2011 14:14

Stuffy nose or running nose is common problems that are experienced by everyone and usually many times a year. You might have running nose because of cold, flu or seasonal allergies. Whenever the winter starts, most of the people fall prey from the problem of cough and cold.

Stuffy nose, blocked nose, nasal congestion, runny nose - these are health challenges known to most people. In some cases, the problem can be so annoying that it interferes with all your life. Nasal sprays, topical products, and oral medication can provide some temporary relief and make your nose clear for a while, but they are expensive, have side effects (your body is not supposed to have this artificial chemicals inside).

How to get rid of a stuffy nose, then you may ask? Well, read on to know what treatment options would be suitable for you. A good steam bath could do the trick. You will feel instant relief. In case that is not affordable, then you could try inhaling steam. This is a very easy method and you could do it in the comforts of your home. Or you can also consider taking a hot shower for about ten minutes. Adding eucalyptus oils or mint leaves in the water while inhaling will ease your suffering a bit further.

Steaming your airways is one way for you to stop a stuffy nose. Place a steaming pot on a table and proceed to cover your head with a big towel. Put your head over the steaming pot with and use the towel to keep the team from escaping. Proceed to breathe in the steam while taking breaks to breath in normal air until your nasal passages become clear.

In the world today most sinus infections may not necessarily be as a result of infection but at times may be due to, allergies, autoimmune problems and viral maters. The sinusitis is further categorized clinically according to the manner in which the problem arose. Affected individuals with this condition have been looking for home remedies that work best in the treatment of sinusitis.

One of the best solutions you can apply when your baby has stuffy nose is to use nasal saline drops. Nasal saline drops for infants come in a convenient bottle that features long muzzles to fit the drops perfectly inside your baby's small nostrils. A drop for every nostril can do the job efficiently. But make sure that you place a five-minute interval between dousing. If your baby lets you, massage the side of her nose right after administering the saline solution.

You can also try the saline solution, put the bottle in your nose then spray and after that you can spit it through your mouth. For over the counter drug solution you can try taking some NyQuil (drink at night to help you sleep better) or DayQuil which helps you be more awake.

It is a natural anti-histamine as it stabilizes cell membranes thereby keeping the histamine from being released. It is also very useful in enhancing your immune system's functions. You can also supercharge its effect by taking a zinc supplement as they work together to give the immune system a huge boost.

Sometimes, humidifiers feel like the best way out, but for some people there are better solutions than this. You have to especially look for an alternative if there's a possibility of growing molds inside your bedroom. Consult an ENT specialist if you are allergic to typical household molds. As molds refer to a kind of fungus, not all kinds of fungi are molds.

The conventional drug treatment is decongestants which should only be used for the short term. There are non-drug catarrh remedies that are safer for adults and children. These include homeopathic, home and natural remedies. They can be helpful in easing the symptoms of runny nose, stuffy nose or swollen sinuses.

Always take note if a product seems to make a condition worse or has an adverse effect. Stop using it, and head to the doctor or clinic. Or check for a health information number that you can call and ask questions. Keep the container with you, and write down your questions or symptoms beforehand so that you can calmly explain the situation to the health care professional on the phone.

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