Grow Longer Eyelashes

09/03/2011 16:09

Eyelashes don't grow back. OK, I know how terrifying it is to lose eyelashes. There's no reason to worry because eyelashes falling out is part of a normal process. Like all hairs on our body, lashes go through a cycle in which they grow and then eventually fall out. At any given time, you're growing and losing lashes.

A lot of women nowadays pay a lot of attention to their appearance and are really motivated to change and improve whatever they can about their bodies. The beauty/cosmetics industry is huge and there is a ton of money spent every year on these products.

Whether or not some of these products will actually grow longer eyelashes is not the main priority of this article. Women and some men also are looking for something that will give the appearance that their eyelashes have grown. Whether or not the eyelashes have actually increased in length really doesnt matter.

There have been many eyelash growth products being sold in the market but none can compare to the effectiveness of Idol Lash eyelash treatment. It makes your eyelash grow fuller and longer. In fact, a lot of users have been singing praises for the product and looking at them sporting long, attractive eyelashes is proof of the product's ability to help you grow longer eyelashes.

From mascara to false eyelashes, extensions to eyelash conditioners, women definitely want the look of longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.. It accents the look of the eye to have long eyelashes bringing a look of glamour. Lately the trend is moving towards methods of growing natural eyelashes to achieve this look as opposed to the artificial ways.

Eyelashes like human hair undergo a three phase growth cycle, however the lashes growth cycle is much shorter than that of the human hair. Eyelash growth cycles run anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on the health and strength of the lash root.

An eyelash enhancer is like a conditioning product for the hairs that are your eyelashes. The enhancer includes moisturizers and minerals that provide nutrients to the eyelashes as well as to the skin cells beneath the surface. This causes the eyelashes to become healthier and to grow much faster.

False eyelashes come in many different varieties, single lashes or full set. The single lashes are glued onto the upper and lower eyelids to fill in the thinned eyelashes; this gives the appearance of thicker and longer lashes. These are generally inexpensive since the lashes are not meant to be re-used.

Since many years now there have been mascaras, eyeliners, kohl's inks and pencils, all available to enhance and highlight your eyes in an effort to achieve the illusion of longer, thicker eyelashes.

Another phenomenon is the burst of individual and strip fake eyelashes, which are adorning the eyelids of celebrities and ordinary girls alike, again in a bid to achieve the soft, doe-eyed feminine look.

In order to grow longer eyelashes you should purchase a few clean mascara brushes at your local drug store or pharmacy and apply either Castor Oil, Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly), or Olive Oil to your eyelashes every night before bed. This makes your actual eyelashes healthier which will make them thicker and longer looking even if that's all that you do.

Eyelashes and eyebrows grow in part with the aid of a healthy diet full of proteins and vegetables. The length of your lashes will also come down to good genetics and luck. Excessive use of mascara, particularly cheap mascara and forgetting to wash off your make-up at night, can all cause detrimental damage to your eyelashes.

To be able to grow longer eyelashes naturally, you must have a familiarity with the herbs that could do the job. Alfalfa extract is one ingredient that plays a vital role in this process. It is primarily known for treating anemia but could also be applied for helping diabetics. It's also recognized as an antioxidant and a phyto-estrogen.

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