How To Avoid Stress Eating

20/01/2011 16:17

Avoid the temptation of comforting yourself with food. It's not worth it, especially if you worked hard to take off the pounds. When you grocery shop, make sure to eat a well-balanced breakfast or lunch. Also, do not shop when you're hungry because the grocery cart will soon be filled with foods that will sabotage your weight loss. In fact, take a bottle of water with you when you shop. Drinking water is a great way to squelch any cravings that creep up on you.

One of the best ways to keep stress from ruining your holidays, or anytime for that matter, is by keeping your stress levels low to begin with. How? Well, if you haven't figured it out already, the strategy that I'm suggesting is exercising. I know. That's probably the last thing you wanted to hear, but it does work.

Try to do something you love every day to give yourself something to look forward to. Most stress arises due to feelings of life being out of control. By taking time to get yourself organized, and taking care of yourself, you can begin to gain control and ensure that your workday is as relaxed as possible.

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but it's an important tip. If you are someone who turns to stress in response to food, it's an important fact to respect about yourself-because it allows you to understand what might be going on and once you understand and take it seriously, you can intervene. If you know that stress leaves you fantasizing about a trip to the office vending machine, then the next time that urge hits, you have the opportunity to work backwards.

Some stress is normal, but excessive stress is not. It can lead to a variety of medical problems, both physical and mental. These can include high blood pressure, impaired immunity from disease, and depression. Here are a few ways to help handle stress.

Eat right. Stress can cause you to eat too much or too little, both of which are unhealthy and can lead to enhanced stress. Make a point of watching your diet carefully when under high stress. Personally I'm always tempted to eat more, but try to watch it.

Avoid doom's day thinking - Often we believe things are much harder than they really are. I remember that when I was at school I used to freak out whenever I had a test coming up. I was so stressed out. Then, at college when the courses were much harder, I realized that school wasn't really that hard. I just took it too hard. To avoid stress eating don't take things too hard.

Social eating often occurs when we get together with friends, either for emotional support, or just as a regular catch up. However, just because we're out with friends it doesn't have to lead to a meal. Try substituting eating-based social events with other activities such as bowling, dancing or meeting up for a fitness class. Not only does this have obvious advantages in terms of your health, you will find that it is usually far more fun than sitting around a table eating.

Every time you feel like you should grab some food because of stress or any other emotions, you have to stop and ask yourself, whether this is what you really need at the moment. AWARENESS is what is the most important here. Know what you are doing, control your actions, and you can prevent emotional eating really easy after some time of practicing this.

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