How to Remove Stretch Marks

06/12/2010 17:27


Stretch marks are a fact of life for many people, both women and men. Women tend to be more plagued by the appearance of these lines primarily due to pregnancies. They develop over time due to the over stretching of skin. Once the elasticity of the skin has reached its limit the under layers of skin become damaged. Many people are wondering how to remove stretch marks, and I am here to tell you that there is hope.

Laser surgeries for stretch marks. This procedure is done by a surgeon and lasts for six sessions to help improve the appearance of those annoying lines. After the treatment is over, patients report that their stretch marks are still fading, which is good if you are thinking about this procedure to get rid of stretch marks. Laser surgery is done with a beam of light which permeates through the skin, to stimulate new cells to produce new tissues.

Stretch marks are cosmetically unpleasing to all eyes. They really do get in the way of people's self-confidence. And even in some cases, they prevent people from socializing. They aren't harmful physically, but they are emotionally and psychologically. However, there are solutions to stretch marks. If you want to know how to remove stretch marks, simply use 3 famous beauty secrets.

Skin needs to be hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Skin that is well hydrated remains supple and soft and is less likely to form stretch marks. Liquids that tend to dehydrate the skin are tea, soda and caffeinated coffee. To promote healthy skin, eat foods that are high in Vitamins A, C and D, zinc and protein.

How to remove stretch marks is a question that millions of women around the world are pondering about. These marks could be caused by various reasons. Pregnancy, obesity and diet are some of the major reasons due to which they can be formed. Regardless of the reason, you can still get rid of these ugly marks, if you were to follow some simple tips.

Laser surgery is becoming increasingly popular for cosmetic surgery. If you have new stretch marks: the reddish, purple ones, pulsed dye laser treatment may be the answer for you. However, once the scars have matured into the white colored scars, lasers won't work... until recently.

Being able to increase the growth of collagen is considered one of the best ways to cover up existing stretch marks. The fact that collagen growth stimulation is totally safe, is relaxing, as micro-dermabrasion can be dangerous to your skin. The ingredients we are using today can all be purchased from your neighborhood supplement distributor.

Every person has skin problems that are considered either unpleasant or very embarrassing. For a large number of citizens, to have stretch marks is one of the most common yet one of the hardest of all to lighten up. Stretch marks are developed when one experienced a sudden loss or gain of weight, specifically during pregnancy, so, pregnancy skin care is very important in this condition.

If you already have the marks, then use the cream thrice a day on the affected areas. The cream works its way through your skin and builds the cells and elasticity within. It also works on the outside of your skin making it smoother and regenerating your skin. When the skin regenerates, it is usually softer and blemish free. Many pregnant women don't use these creams because they think that it will affect their babies.

So this summer are you gonna wear a bikini or a beach towel? The choice is yours. I have just gave you the happy medium to remove your stretch marks. Just imagine having those beautiful legs back just in time for summer. Like I said my girlfriend Jenny got rid of hers you can even see a pic of her on the link below.

Prevention creams, lotions and oils: If regular massages are considered helpful then massages incorporating specially developed stretch marks prevention creams and oils can only be doubly so. Of course, it's important that you first check the ingredients of these lotions to ensure they really are capable of doing the job. Lotions that include AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), Retinoids and Vitamins A and E are best known to fight old stretch marks.

Stretch marks are the most common on thighs, arms, breasts, buttocks and abdomen. These all parts of your body look very unattractive and you can never wear the anything that will expose any part from these. So, you need to treat you this ugly marks as soon as possible, otherwise you can never get rid of this ugly marks on your body. There are several ways which can help you get rid of these marks. Cream, beauty treatment, scrubber, laser therapy and surgery are all the methods which are good in treating these marks forever.

Surgeries are very much effective in treating the stretch marks. This will be the real answer for those who ask how to remove stretch marks when they are seriously damaged by stretch marks. Treatments like dermabrasion and laser surgery are working but there will be a little pain to be experienced in the case of dermabrasion. This is one step ahead of the normal laser surgery in providing results. How ever laser surgery provides result with no pain to be experienced.

There are a few surgeries that some people consider when trying to remove these marks. The tummy tuck and laser surgery are among these. Both of these surgeries are highly effective but are very expensive and some surgeries take time to recover from and there is also the chance of scarring from the surgery.

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