Love Handle Exercises

05/01/2011 17:30

The first of the love handles exercises, which is often neglected or forgotten are Side Twists. These are better performed with a short pole or stick placed across your shoulders behind your head and held in place with your hands at either end.  This will help you to maintain a straight back and better posture.

These are designed to tone and firm your external oblique muscles. Side stretches are done by standing straight with your knees slightly bent with your feet apart. SLOWLY, bend to your right sliding your hand down your right leg. When you start to feel a slight pull from your muscles, it is time to slowly return to the straight position. Now repeat the process on your left side. To keep this exercise effective is you must keep your body and legs straight over each other so don't bend over.

Passive Love Handles Exercises are easy to do and you can do this whenever, wherever you want. It just involves giving your stomach a stretch to activate the abdominal muscles. Do it the first thing in the morning upon waking up, while reading the morning paper, while on lunch break, while your children are in the sandbox, before hitting the sacks.

Interval training is where you work for short intense periods of high intensity and then recover slightly with low intensity and repeating it over and over again. Interval training builds brilliant aerobic strength and stamina which helps your cardiovascular and respiratory system. It will get you huffing and puffing.

You should also make sure you eat breakfast every morning. Start your day off right with a fat burning smoothie, or an omelet with vegetables in it and whole wheat toast and real fruit juice. Or if you're a cereal person, just make sure it's a high fiber cereal that doesn't include a lot of processed grains.

There are many reasons why we need to keep fit. One of the main reasons is our health. If we start building fat, arteries may be blocked and prevent the circulation of blood in our heart, which may cause heart attack. Regular exercise can help in eliminating those love handles around the waist. You can choose from many fitness programs including love handle exercise to help you get rid of belly fats.

To illustrate my point, imagine a hunk with chiseled 6-pack abs. Now, dress him a bulky winter coat. You will not be able to see his tight body he has under all those layers of fabric. If you take that bulky winter coat and replace it with body fat, you'll have the same results. So your workout has to address the layers of fat too, while you tone your ab muscles up.

People who practice some love handles exercise poorly will stand a high risk of joints degeneration. Do you suffer from aches and pains especially in your hips and knees? This may be due to the fats in your loose belly which causes muscle wasting and pro-inflammatory responses near your joints. Read on to learn all about harmful love handles exercise and what are some of the best practices recommended by trainers out there.

This is truly a killer and was recently shown in a study to be far more effective than side crunches at working the love handles. To perform the Side Plank lie on your side with your forearm (lower arm) on the ground and your upper arm straight down from your shoulder. Place your feet one in front of the other, then raise your hips off the floor so your body forms a diagonal line from foot to armpit and the only part of you that's on the floor is your forearm and feet. Hold for 15-20 seconds then rotate onto the other side.

To understand why, it is important to look at how the body deals with body fat. Fat in one place belongs to the whole body, no matter where it is. You cannot selectively lose fat in the body part of your choice, instead, fat is lost systemically. Fat is lost from all over your body, and there is no way you can determine where the fat will be lost from. Therefore losing love handles requires patience, but it's a goal that is definitely achievable.

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