Low Carb Healthy Snacks

25/02/2011 15:42

Right when the kids burst through the door after school their asking what's to eat. To keep them eating healthy it's good to have food already served. Have your approved serving size already made up in individual containers or bags for each child. Having their serving ready will keep them from eating too much and ruining dinner.

One important thing to be sure of is that you supply your children with healthy foods and snacks when you send them out to school or any activity. Don't just give them money to purchase foods outside or from vending machines. Give them healthy foods like fruits, trail mix, granola bars or all natural chips. We will also look at some other healthy snacks they will enjoy.

There is no doubt that choosing healthy snacks for our kids can make important differences in their lives. Children who get a good balance of nutrients instead of an overabundance of sugar and empty calories have tons of advantages. For example, their bodies are better equipped to grow and develop properly.

Always try to limit junk food as that give them empty calories and contributes to restlessness and lack of concentration. Fast foods and junk food contain loads of fat, calories, sugar and salt and do not add much to the amount of nutrition they need. Otherwise, you will have their stomachs filled-up of nothing!

Many people underestimate the importance of high fiber foods in healthy snacks for kids and athletes.  Fiber is incredibly important when it comes to helping our bodies to function properly, as well as being a great aid in natural weight loss.

Most kids cannot resist a bowl full of fresh fruit. Provide a variety of fruits, some of which they have never tried. A variety of fruit is bound to appeal to even the pickiest eaters. Take the kids on a shopping spree to pick out fruit that looks interesting to them. For special treats, you could help the kids to make chocolate dipped fruits or banana popsicles.

Wash the fruit and chop up into a bowl. You can squirt some lemon juice on top to prevent browning. Then you simply place the fruit onto kabob sticks. Yogurt makes a great dip for your kabobs.

First of all, let's just briefly remind ourselves of how important it really is to get our children to 'indulge' in healthy snacks instead of junk food. Otherwise, we are unlikely to make the small effort needed to crank their eating habits up a notch, or be consistent in implementing dietary changes over the long term.

A product claiming to be 'nutritionally equivalent to a portion of fruit' could also contain a huge range of additives, including sugar and fat, and is likely to clock in at 6 or more times the number of calories of a piece of fresh fruit.

For me, even when I wasn't health-conscious per se, I was conscious of not having too much sugar in my diet and in my children's diets (more so because my father's diabetic). And I knew that good nutrition from main meals and from snacks for kids is a must. It's kind of common sense too though.

Most of the time, seeking for a quick and healthy snack becomes a very tough job because, your kid would simply say that he/she doesn't like it. It would become a big headache to convince them rather than the pain you take to make the food. The best way in which you can make them eat is to make delicious food with less fat content and more delicious ingredients.

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