Low Estrogen Symptoms

01/02/2011 16:07

Estrogen represents the primary feminine sexual hormone. It is supplied by the ovary and is the origin of many feminine sexual attributes. While both sexes have estrogen in their systems, most women feature it in a much greater amount than men. Women have estrogen to thank for their breasts, wider pelvis and increased body fat in their hips and thighs.

The primary symptoms of low estrogen are irregular or missed periods, as occurs in the years leading up to and during menopause. Estrogen's primary role during a woman's reproductive years is to prepare the uterus to receive a fertilized egg, but researchers have shown that estrogen has other effects on a woman's body as well, which is why estrogen replacement therapy is sometimes recommended to relieve unwanted symptoms associated with menopause and aging.

The primary affects of low estrogen levels are irregular or missed periods, as occurs in the years leading up to and during menopause. Women whose ovaries have been damaged or surgically removed typically experience severe hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, no matter what their age. Typically when researchers use laboratory animals to study the affects of low estrogen, they remove the animal's ovaries.

Night sweats are typically associated with menopause. This is because menopausal women have low estrogen levels when they are already in the culminating stage of their child-bearing years. A woman who is not yet in their menopausal stage may also experience uncomfortable night sweats and hot flashes as a result of a deficiency in their estrogen level.

The typical symptoms of low estrogen that most aging women experience are hot flashes, headaches, water retention and joint pains. Other common symptoms that affect their looks are dry skin, weight gain and hair loss. They also experience psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety and mood swings at this time, in addition to memory loss. Vaginal dryness and loss of libido also occurs at this time.

As you know, menopause is the stage in life when we women no longer menstruate. Pre menopause is the stage before menopause when our bodies are gearing up for the big change.

Due to low estrogen, related to menopause, the skin gets affected and appears dryer and easily develop acne. The dryness of skin can be cured with estrogen replacement therapy, but is not safe because it can cause other health problems. It is concluded through research that supplements which contain red clover isoflavones can maintain elasticity and firmness of skin and help in reducing effects on skin due to decrease in estrogenlevel.

Though hormone therapy is one the treatments available, it is not really advisable because of the side effects involved. Another great option which has found immense popularity among middle age women to boost their libido and overcome other sexual problems is natural libido enhancing supplements.

Proper hormone levels in both men and women are necessary for reproduction. In women, it's the balance of estrogen and progesterone that allows the female reproductive cycle to occur. I've never really met a woman who enjoys the ups, downs, and inconveniences of menstruation. Without that amazing and unusual process, however, we wouldn't be able to conceive or carry a healthy baby to full term.

Vaginal atrophy is often hormone related. Since our progesterone levels are low during peri menopause, and our estrogen levels are low during menopause, these shifting hormones can be at fault for our soreness. Many women use estrogen cream and progesterone cream to boost their low hormone levels.

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