Macular Dystrophy Symptoms

10/12/2010 16:51

The macula is the central section of the retina. The retina is a part of the eye that contains the photosensitive cells that are responsible in sending visual messages to the brain. The brain then interprets these electrical messages. The densest area of concentration of these photosensitive cells is located at the macula.

The macular degeneration is impairment or loss of function of the macular zone that results to weakening and eventual death of the vital central vision. Thus the extensive development of blind spots.

When the retina becomes thinner and thinner, sufferers may suffer from blurriness in their central vision. The result of this process may lead to atrophic AMRD. Sufferers of this problem will gradually lose their central vision. And when it comes to its late stage, the dry form may develop into the wet form.

If the retina of a patient become thin and is looked white, he may suffer from choroidal sclerosis. Some choroidal blood vessels are found beneath the damaged area. However, no treatable method has been found for this problem.

There are different types of ARMD which can result in differing levels of low vision. The first symptom an ophthalmologist might notice are drusen in the macula. These are yellow deposits, which can vary in size from small to large, and that may be associated with high cholesterol.

The appearance of drusen signify the beginning stages of ARMD, yet at this stage a person's vision is still quite good. However, the appearance of drusen is one of the factors that leave a person more at risk for developing a more advanced ARMD.

Many of highly potent therapeutic treatment procedures are described in Shalakya Tantra. The aim of all treatment procedures is to prevent the degeneration process and to restore the vision. The procedures like anjana, nethradhara and tharpanam etc. helps to correct the vitiated metabolism of the cells and to stimulate the regeneration of the retinal cells and optic nerves. The treatment approaches in two steps.

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Nethradhara - Filtered decoction of the medicated herbs are poured in the nasal canthus of the eye from a height of 2 angula (approx. 4 cm) and for a period of about 15 min. This procedure helps to do clean the channels (Srotas) of the eye and do the aam pachana (detoxification at the cellular level).

Causes of macular degeneration are usually associated with the gene deficiency. Yet the root cause is yet to be determined. The dry form is considered to be the result of the thinning and aging of the macular tissues and the deposition of the pigment in the macula. It may also be the cause of both actions. In the wet form however, the primary cause may be the neovascularization or growth of new blood vessels underneath the retina and leak of fluid and blood.

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