Natural Baby Skin Care

30/12/2010 17:43

When you are a parent, you will find yourself thinking about many different things, including the baby skin care, baby skin cream and baby skin treatment products you have been using. For those of you who want the best for your baby's skin, then you may want to check into that natural baby skin care product that is sitting on the shelf.

When considering buying baby products, there are five main ingredients that are regarded as the most effective in today's skin care creams. These ingredients are: chamomile, lavender, mandarin, calendula and red clover. Each one has different beneficial properties and products that use them are considered perfect for a baby's delicate and sensitive skin.

Watch for signs of sensitive skin such as red, dry patches which can be caused by harmful chemicals in skincare products and detergents. If your baby develops diaper rash, wash baby's bottom with warm water, change diapers frequently, use a protective diaper rash ointment, and leave baby without a diaper as often as possible to expose the area to fresh air. Avoid using petroleum jelly which traps moisture against the skin.

There are so many skin care products available for your baby today that choosing the right one can somewhat be difficult. However only a certain few stand out from the crowd and one in particular is worth a mention. The natural baby and organic line of products by Gaia is made from only the best natural ingredients and are of the highest quality.

The Weleda Baby Starter Kit is a perfect introduction to the Calendula baby collection. Weleda is a well-respected company from Germany, known for producing some of the highest quality organic skin care products in the world. The starter kit includes Calendula Baby Cream, Diaper Care, Shampoo / Body Wash, Baby Lotion, and Baby Oil. This wonderful wee collection is great for travel and stores well in a diaper bag, too.

First, avoid products with any of these ingredients: acetone, DEA, formaldehyde, MEA, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphates, synthetic fragrances, TEA, toluene, and triclosan. Next, if you're not sure what an ingredient is, do research by going online and entering the name of the ingredient using your favorite search engine. Finally, look for products that are biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The best place to find natural baby skin care products in the UK are specialty stores or on the Internet.

Baby's largest organ is sensitive and when it emerges from the protective cocoon of the womb, baby skin needs to adapt to its new environment. Luckily for us infant skin is highly adaptable, but has to overcome some common skin conditions. Some of these baby skin conditions, baby acne, cradle cap, heat rash and sunburn can be treated with basic regular baths complimented with natural, organic baby skin care products.

Especially in a modern-day environment where many big-name products use harsh chemicals, colourings and preservatives that could irritate a baby's skin or cause an allergic reaction.

When you have a new baby, you are usually too busy to read the list of ingredients on the skin care lotion or shampoo that you buy. But there are often some horrible chemicals lurking in the small print.

You might need to do a little cooking to make your own organic products, but you'll be surprised how easy it really is. With the exception of steeping some herbs, there is very little work involved, and if you grow your own herbs, you can make organic baby skin care products for almost nothing, using your own fresh ingredients.

Being organic means more than only containing natural ingredients. Although there are no governmental guidelines for what makes up an organic baby skin care product, there are guidelines for organic food, and those same guidelines can be applied to any product that claims to be organic.

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