Prevent Obesity In Children

22/01/2011 16:13

Preventing obesity in children and teens is becoming a cultural goal. Recent statistics clearly show an increase in obesity for the adult population as well as the younger population. While I believe that something should be done, it is apparent that we have done little so far to curb this increase in the adult population.

Healthy eating for children and preventing obesity in children has become a high priority for parents seeking to help their children have stronger, healthier lives. There are few stay at home moms (or dads) any more. By the time parents get home from work, the last thing they want to do is cook a meal from scratch. Frozen and prepackaged foods have become the norm for many families. Kids love the taste and it is so easy to prepare.

Have you noticed how the earlier generation reached an old age? This is because they had a much active lifestyle than what we have now. If you think about it, everything is already laid out for us. Everything is within our reach. Let us start with the food. There are a lot of fast food chains in the whole world. If we are too tired or too lazy, all we have to do is drop by a fast food chain and we have our food in an instant.

There are several identifying factors behind the recent surge of childhood obesity. One of the major causes is toxic food choices. Diet induced diseases, including obesity, account for the largest burden of chronic illnesses and health problems worldwide. The current Western diet, characterized by foods that are highly processed, deficient in nutrient quality and high in energy density, has American children overweight and sick as ever.

We are living in an age where eating healthily and taking care of the physical part of the body is greatly encouraged. For many years when obesity was spoken of in society, it was spoken of with adults in mind. That is, adults were the only ones who were acknowledged as having to face this challenge.

It is important to follow a daily plan of nutritional needs. Eating well balanced meals and light healthy choice snacks is a good place to start. And having some type of excising embedded in their routine is needed as well. Instead of you making all the choices that go into meal planning. Having your child contribute can also spark them to be interested in eating right.

Energy is obtained in the form of calories from the food and drinks we consume. The human body needs a certain amount everyday to perform our daily functions. Hence, when we exceed what is required, the body stores the surplus calories as fats. The reverse is also true, meaning that if you use more energy than you gain, you will lose weight. Therefore, striking a balance will allow us to retain our current size.

A good way to prevent obesity is by finding an activity that you enjoy, such as biking, walking, hiking, swimming, any of these types of activities can be a great choice. Obesity is common among children especially in the US, which is why it is a good idea to have you children practice good eating habits, and do not forget to practice these same habits yourself because you are not only affecting your body but you are influencing your children.

Is there a cure for this? Yes there is! You have got to monitor what your children eat, give them healthier choices of meals, of course they are going to argue with you at first, but you must be firm and instill in them the benefits of eating properly nutritious meals.

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