Skin Rashes Causes

11/02/2011 15:13

Another contagious skin outbreak may be the scabies rash which is communicated by physical contact usually. This can be transmitted at school playgrounds, in nursing homes and via sexual contact.  Though it sounds scary to have mites, it can be treated with a prescription pesticide cream and your child can return to school after 24 hours.

Skin rashes often manifest themselves as dry, flaky patches that can be red, swollen and inflamed. Left untreated, skin rashes can spread and become infected. Often a result of skin disease such as dermatitis, psoriasis, or dandruff, skin rash can be treated by use of moisturizing skin care products that penetrate to deep dermal layers where rashes often begin.

Skin rashes are repulsive and can make us very uncomfortable and too sensitive to glances of other people. It is the reason why someone would do anything just to rid this awful condition. What most sufferers don't understand that a skin rash can be caused by many factors and some of them are bacterial, fungus, viral infections, and allergic reactions.

Skin rash can be caused by a number of factors. The most common cause includes allergic reactions on to food, chemicals, plants, and animals or insects. Have you ever wondered why some people are prone to have allergic skin rashes while others are immune to them. In this article I will be writing about allergic skin rashes, its causes, and its prevention.

Very soon your skin will become velvety and smooth and the dryness would have disappeared. The dry skin rash causes a lot of itching and the first thing that this treatment does is to reduce the itching and finally stop it. There are other benefits such as nails and hair becoming stronger and feeling highly energetic.

This rare rash on the skin is caused by high levels of silver exposure, and the resulting rash makes the skin a bluish color. Sunlight will cause gum colored stains to appear as well, mainly on the forehead, nose, and hands. Treatment for this skin rash involves stopping the abnormal exposure to silver, because as long as the exposure remains the skin rashes will continue to appear.

Sometimes it is hard for a physician to diagnose what exactly may have caused the skin to break out into hives or a different form of dermatitis. Often a patient will cite several situations that happened at the same time. For instance, someone with a rash can mention that they had hiked in the woods, used a different laundry detergent and recently had strep throat. Any one of these situations could lead to rash symptoms.

Skin rash or body rash is usually an inflammation on the skin. It results in change in color and texture of the affected area. Skin or body rash could be the result of irritation, disease or an allergic reaction. Allergies could be to food, plants, chemicals, animals, insects or other environmental factors. This kind of skin rash could affect the entire body or be area specific.

A skin rash can be a symptom of a large number of conditions. It can be caused by an infection, skin disease such as eczema, an immune system disorder, heat and other factors including a food allergy. A skin rash caused by the majority of the mentioned factors is typically reddish and may cause itching, pain.

Dry skin rashes are the most common rashes among all. If you belong to the category of those having dry skin, then you might have bigger chances of developing skin rashes because being dry, your skin will be easily irritated, especially during the cold, dry months of the year. Prevent dry skin rashes by drinking sufficient water and apply adequate amount of moisturizer.

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