Yellow Nails Causes

02/02/2011 15:51

Nail fungus (also known as onychomycosis) is caused by the penetration of microscopic organisms (dermatophyes) into the nail. The infection causes the infected nail to thicken, loose texture and discolor with unsightly yellow or brown opaque areas. Healthy nails have a pinkish hue, if you have yellow nails, this could be a sign of a fungus infection.

First, make sure you book an appointment with your doctor for a definite diagnosis and to discuss your treatment options.  Unless you have a very severe incidence of yellow nails caused by a nail fungus your doctor will probably suggest you try a topical treatment.  These normally come in the form of a nail pain to lacquer that you apply in much the same way as you would a nail polish.

These microorganisms grow in everyday environments like bathrooms, swimming pools. We come in contact with these organisms almost every day.

Though we come in contact with these organisms regularly, we don't acquire the infection because of our immune system. Our immune system defends ourselves against these infections.

Yellow toenails are not only unsightly to look at, but they can also be painful. When the toenail fungus starts to grow beneath the nail, it generally starts as a small spot under the nail, but it then spreads and causes the nail to change colors. The nail may become thick and raised. Due to the nail being raised, it is will stand out more and is more likely to catch on something or get pulled accidently which can result in substantial pain.

Fortunately there are effective natural remedies for nail fungus that you can use at home. Before you think about alternatives such as laser treatment or surgery, check out these cures to bring you clear, healthy looking nails the natural way.

There are steps to get into the nails and treat the infection that is easy, safe, and works effectively. Toenail treatments that use oils such as tea tree, almond, jojoba and Vitamin E are a few of the ingredients that promote healing and improve your nail's appearance each day.

According to health experts, the most common causes of yellow toenails are due to infection. The moment when fungus develops, it will cause the nail to rise. It will later become thick and cause discoloration. The fungal infection usually penetrates even inside the nails. It makes the nail brittle, rugged and rough. This is a very unattractive look for your toenails.

Psoriasis sometimes also involves patches of irritated skin (usually reddish, or silvery and flaky) on other parts of your body. Your nails may also develop pits or dents in the surface and may come away from the nail bed, or you may even develop psoriatic arthritis, which can feel a lot like rheumatoid arthritis.

When you think of anti aging, you should also think of anti aging for your fingernails, because as you age your nails age as well. Nails can change shape, take longer to grow and change color. On many occasions, the yellow in fingernails can be easily fixed.

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